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Re: 2012 Help

06-18-2011 08:54 AM in reply to: KirkN

Kirkn wrote:

Has anyone else noticed that searching help for more than one-word search phrases will crash Google Chrome every time?

Nope, works fine for me.

Jeff_M, also a frequent Swamper
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Re: 2012 Help

06-18-2011 11:13 AM in reply to: BrianHailey
Seems to have gone over a few heads :smileysurprised: 
BrianHailey wrote:

If you find the on-line help to be laggy or you don't have a reliable internet connection, you can always turn the on-line help off:




Thank you

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Re: 2012 Help

06-18-2011 05:06 PM in reply to: Joe-Bouza

Thanks Joe,

I did see that one and that is what I ultimately ended up doing. At least they gave us this work-around in an easy to access spot.

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Re: 2012 Help

08-30-2011 07:22 AM in reply to: engrtech

What happened to 2012 Array command? It was so simple to use it in previous versions and now I can't get my head arouund it!!! On path selection it doesn;t allow me to space them out at the distance I want, on rectangular it doesn't give me the option for following a path !!...

That dialog box was much easier to use rather than typing all the data as you go along, let alone the preview possibility that allowed you to rectify before the final result!!


.... And the help menu has totally gone mad... no logical navigation and less information for learning/remembering stuff.


I am so disappointed with this 2012! Crash after crash!!.. Once I just left it open for 2 minutes without touching it and it crashed. Unbelievable!


E.g.. I hit the escape button twice and it crashes .. How's that possible? I have been using 2011 again because of all these issues!!!


Hello!.. Autodesk people! ... You can do better than this!

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Re: 2012 Help

02-29-2012 11:26 AM in reply to: engrtech

Just to add that the help system is still messed up. Trying doing a search for "OVERKILL" and there are no results from any book. However, once I'm in the dialog box for overkill, I can click help and it goes to a command reference webpage with it.  Why doesn't the search on the help page find the same thing?  Also, it's set to look in all books and still won't return anything.



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