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Part Builder - Structure Height

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01-24-2010 11:41 AM
I am trying to learn Part Builder to create a custom inlet structure. I am able to build the part in Part Builder so it looks like it should and seems to work correctly when I change part sizes. I run into trouble when I try to change the model parameter for Structure Height (SBSH) to a formula invovling Rim to Sump Height (SRS). When I do this and then go to Edit Size Parameters, I get an error " one or more calculations have failed". It does not seem to make any difference what formula I use for SBSH or what size parameter or model parameter SBSH was set to before I entered the formula.

I am able to save the part without any other error messages, however, when I look at the .xml file, SBSH is a constant and not the formula I entered. I can edit the .xml file to enter the formula that I want but still the part does not function properly in a drawing.

I can make a pipe network using the new structure, however, the pipe inverts are not the same as the sump elevation of the structure. They are usually several feet below the sump. I can get the structure sump to match the pipe inverts by going to "Connected Pipes" under "Edit Structure Properties", highlighting the pipe invert elevation and then clicking "Apply". If you change the pipe using "Edit pipe properties" after this, the structure invert does not update as it should.

Can anyone help me with the proper procedure to get the formula for SBSH correct?
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Re: Part Builder - Structure Height

10-03-2012 11:27 AM in reply to: brianmastbergen7071

I am getting this problem as well....I have even opened a standard part and copied and pasted the correct equation from there to my new part....and it still doesn't work. Anyone have a solution?

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Re: Part Builder - Structure Height

10-09-2012 05:46 AM in reply to: brianmastbergen7071

This issue has been reported to Autodesk for C3D 2013. I had the same problem when I was trying to change my wall thickness I go the same error. So since I could only set one constant wall thickness, I just add the difference to my structure inner width and length (SIL/SIW). For example. Most of my structures walls are 6 inches but I have a 7' junction box with 8 inch walls. To fix this issue, besides using 84" for the inner dimension (SIW/SIL) for my box, I used 84.34 inches. Now my outer structure limits are correct. Maybe you can try this method. 



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Re: Part Builder - Structure Height

12-02-2014 07:05 AM in reply to: TCARCAMO78

Has anyone seen a fix to this issue?


I am experiencing a similar issues with Civil 3D 2014 where the part I created will not have a proper height based on the equations I assigned. The .xml file does show the correct equations, but the structure height doesn't seem to obey the equations. All other parameters seem to be correct when I insert the part, just the structure height keeps being shown as 0.


Attached are the equations I have used. 

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Re: Part Builder - Structure Height

12-17-2014 09:31 AM in reply to: Elizabeth.S

Partbuilder is very touchy. Please check the generated XML file and validation files for errors.


Depending on what you add context wise to the model and configure duplicate references can be introduced into the Xml file - See Below.


<ColumnConstList desc="Suds Height" dataType="float" unit="mm" name="SudsH" id="CCL1" visible="1" context="Geometry_Distance2D" index="1">


<ColumnConst desc="MainBoxWidth" dataType="float" unit="mm" name="SudsH" id="CCA1" visible="1" context="Geometry_Distance2D" index="1">$0.000</ColumnCalc>


So the above two lines from the xml should explain what I mean. You should only have one instance of each context listed otherwise the part will only use the second one listed (due to the index).


To fix Delete the second entry with the constant 0.00 value and index greater than 0. Next change the very first instance found (ColumnConstList) to as below.


<ColumnConstList desc="Suds Height" dataType="float" unit="mm" name="SudsH" id="CCL1" visible="1" context="SudsHt" index="0">


The context (SudsHt) should be as correctly listed in the AeccSharedParams file and must have an index of 0. Be aware if you open the part in part builder again you will need to repeat this process. To add additional sizes I recommend adding through notepad or an xml editor adding "<Item id="i#">000.0000</Item> or Irow etc.


The above is mainly true for custom added contexts however still applies if you have added existing ones which were not originally defined in the part.


I'd be happy to look into any problems if you supply the part data files (dwg & xml).






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