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AutoCAD Civil 3D Customization

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Import/Export Custom Assemblies Palette

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04-13-2012 11:41 AM

I recently made a custom Tool Palette that contains all of our most commonly used Assemblies in our office on my PC. I then exported the Paleette to a location on our network and tried to import it onto another workstation. The Palette imported correctly and all of the assemblies are visible. However, when an assembly is attempted to be inserted into a drawing nothing is inserted.


Upon insertion the properties menu box shows up indicating that it is closed or locked..."do you wish to continue".


Is there a step that I am missing on importing or exporting of assemblies or Palettes?

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Re: Import/Export Custom Assemblies Palette

04-15-2012 07:24 PM in reply to: littom15

I'm guessing that the problem you are having is that the custom assemblies are still being stored on your local drive and are inaccessible to the other machine.

The default location that custom assemblies are created in is: %AECCCONTENT_DIR%\Assemblies (where %AECCCONTENT_DIR% is typically C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2012\enu\ depending on your language and version).

Go to that location and copy all the DWG files found here to a network location (or weed through them if there are any undesirables found).

Finally, if you open the .XTP file that was exported in a text editor and search for <ExternalDrawing> you will find something like <ExternalDrawing>%AECCCONTENT_DIR%\Assemblies\Typically2Lane.dwg</ExternalDrawing>. Just do a find and replace of all %AECCCONTENT_DIR%\Assemblies with the new network location. Save the file and import it again with hopefully better results.

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