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What are PMP files?

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07-28-2006 08:26 AM
Correct me if i'm wrong. .PC3 files read settings from .PMP files. Exactly what settings do PMP files adjust? Or do I have this whole concept wrong?
*Dean Saadallah
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Re: What are PMP files?

07-31-2006 08:05 AM in reply to: brettg1980
HELP says:

PMP file
Plot Model Parameter. File containing custom plotter
calibration and custom paper size information associated
with plotter configuration file (PC3 file).

And from another page in HELP:

AutoCAD stores information about the media and plotting
device in configured plot (PC3) files. Plot configurations
are portable and can be shared in an office or on a project
as long as they are for the same driver, model, and driver
version. Shared plot configurations for Windows system
printers may also need to be for the same version of
Windows. If you calibrate a plotter, the calibration
information is stored in a plot model parameter (PMP) file
that you can attach to any PC3 files you create for the
calibrated plotter.

And from another page in HELP:

To create or edit a custom paper size for a nonsystem

1.. Click File menu Plotter Manager.
2.. In the Plotter Manager, double-click the PC3 file
whose configuration you want to change.
3.. In the Plotter Configuration Editor, Device and
Document Settings tab, under the User Defined Paper Sizes &
Calibration, select Custom Paper Sizes.
4.. Set a new paper size using one of the following
a.. To add a custom paper size, click Add and follow the
steps in the Custom Paper Size wizard. You specify the size
of the paper, the printable area, and a name for the new
paper size.
b.. To edit an existing paper size, under Custom Paper
Sizes, select the paper size and click Edit. The Custom
Paper Size wizard opens. Change any of the paper size
5.. Click OK.
The new or edited paper size is available in both the Plot
and Page Setup dialog boxes when that PC3 file is selected.

Note Creating a custom paper size for a nonsystem driver
attaches a plot model parameter (PMP) file to the plotter
configuration (PC3) file. The PMP file contains custom
plotter calibration and custom paper size information. By
default, PMP files are stored in the Drv folder.

I got all the above from typing PMP in HELP>Index tab,
double-clicking on the first topic hightlighted and making
selection. There are additional description pages to cover
the topic. Hope that helps.

Dean Saadallah
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