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Paper Space Schedule Tag an object nested inside Xref?

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05-02-2012 07:35 AM

We've been working with adding schedule tags in paper space for objects nested within an xref. The first time you do this however, the manual properties (it seems) do not update if the value of the manual property is changed back in the xref dwg. However, the Automatic properties do seem to update.


When we initially found this we past it off as a limitation. However, one of our users was experimenting and found that the first time you tag the xref resident object... the schedule tag reads the correct manual properties value. However, If you remove the property set from the schedule tag... then the manual property will update correctly showing the current value as it is back in the xref dwg even if it is changed.


This makes complete sense as the manual property set data can be edited from either the tag or the object or from the schedule... IF THE TAG and the object are resident in the same drawing file - in this case you DO NOT want to delete the property set from the tag... if you do this the property set is also removed from the object. However, when tagging objects nested within an xref, then you need to remove the property set from the tag... THEN the manual property will update correctly.


Can anyone confirm this... and perhaps point out any other insight.

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Re: Paper Space Schedule Tag an object nested inside Xref?

05-02-2012 03:08 PM in reply to: mdhutchinson

Are the tags really in Paper Space, and working through the viewport, or are you on a layout tab, with Model Space active within a viewport when adding the tag?  (It has no beariing on your actual question; I was curious as I was unaware of being able to tag an object in Model Space while having the tag Paper Space.


I am assuming that you are not working in the "Drawing Management" environment (Project Browser and Project Navigator).  If you were, then ACA (or AMEP) should be putting a property data override for object-based property sets at the Construct level, which allows objects nested within Elements (and, potentially, placed in multiple locations in one or more Constructs) to have unique property values for each instance of the Element.


Outside of the Drawing Management environment, ACA does not know the relationship(s) between host and external reference(s), and a property data override will be placed in the host when tagging for object-based property sets.  When first tagged, if the property set is already attached to the nested object, the values on the nested object will be used as the initial default values in the override (as you have noticed), but any subsequent changes to the nested object's values will not show up in the override.


It is possible to manually manage/remove property data overrides, but the process is fairly clunky and too subject to human error for my comfort level.  The following two commands can help you review and manage property data and overrides.


The PROPERTYDATAEXT command, used in the host file, will allow you to select an object and examine and edit manual property values of the attached property sets, including those in overrides (if attached).  This dialog will list object- and style-based property sets (but only object-based in the overrides).


The PROPERTYDATABROWSE command, also used in the host file, will allow you to select a property set and examine all of the objects to which that property set could be attached.  (There is a toggle to show only objects that have it attached.)  When you select an object in the left pane that has that property set attached, the property values for the highest level override (if any) are visible and editable in the right pane.  There is a toggle to highlight the selected object and also a Zoom to... button, to aid in identifying the specific object selected (useful if you have not memorized the object handle of all of the objects to which you have attached property data).  Each object in the left pane will have at least one toggle in front of it; objects nested within an external reference will have an additional toggle for each level of nesting.  The leftmost toggle represents the property data (or override) in the host file; unchecking the toggle removes the data or data override.

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Re: Paper Space Schedule Tag an object nested inside Xref?

05-08-2012 11:22 AM in reply to: David_W._Koch

No, we are not working in project browser & navigator.


Yes ... in paperspace on a layout tab.

We have our model Xreffed into a 'host' file. In the host file we have layout tabs with viewports & borders. We are adding the schedule tag with paper space set current (triangle ucs icon). Click the leadered tag from our tool palette with paperspace set current... click on the object (that is part of the xref). The object highlights even though paper space is current. Then click to start the leader, select the final point of the leader and do an enter key... the schedule tag is added and displays the current value of the manual property. Edit the tag to remove the property set (as I said in my original post)... from then on the tag remains in sync with the data back in the xref. You only have to remove the property set the first time... after that, the remaining tags stay in sync with the data. 


I don't have a moment now... but I could do a video and post it.


Agree or disagree... I know this probably should not work... however, it does.


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