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Dynamic block flipping & arrays or arrays & flipping :) question

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05-16-2011 07:40 AM

I am using Acad arch 2009.

I cannot seem to get get an array of doors arrayed, then flipped, then arrayed again properly, see attached image.

The block works perfectly fine when a lookup value is selected, the door is arrayed as programmed.

The doors also when flipped work perfectly at any lookup value.

AFTER the doors are flipped, then another lookup value is called, it goes amok.

Any thoughts ?

I cannot flip the entire block, this is a dumbed-down version of the actual block I created and it has other elements that are modified based on the base rectangle size.

I also cannot use the linear grips to resize the block for the same reasons stated above, hence the lookup table.

Things I have already tried:

1. Added a separate linear parameter for the array, no luck, same thing happens.

2. NOT move the flip parameter 0.5 of the distance, no luck.

3. Added flip column to lookup table and set it to "not flipped" for each value figuring it would unflip the doors BEFORE it changed the the size, also moved the flip column in front of the size change column figuring it might do the in that order, no luck all the way around.

4. Other way out ideas that I cannot even remember, been fuzting with this for a few months.


Thanks for looking.


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