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Cannot embed interop type

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05-22-2012 01:45 PM

I have a VB 2010 Express Project.  Using ACA 2013.  i have an error that seems to be related to a file that can't be found but I can see the .dll in the location listed by the reference.  Here is sample code.


Imports AecXBase
Imports AecXUIArchBase
Imports AutoCAD
Imports AecXArchBase


Function LayerFromKey(lName As String) As String
Dim lyr As AcadLayer, lKeyStyle As AecLayerKeyStyle
lKeyStyle = getAecBaseDB.LayerKeyStyles(getLayerStandard)
lyr = lKeyStyle.GenerateLayer(lName)
LayerFromKey = lyr.Name
End Function


This is the error indicated on "AecLayerKeyStyle":

Error 1 Cannot embed interop type 'AecXBase.IAcadObjectEvents_Event' because the source interface 'AXDBLib.IAcadObjectEvents' referenced by its ComEventInterfaceAttribute cannot be found. C:\Users\mike.OPSIS\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\AutoCAD VB plug-in1\AutoCAD VB plug-in1\cLayer.vb 18 44 AutoCAD VB plug-in1

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