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Slow printing

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04-11-2012 07:44 AM

Hey all,


We've recently switch from ADT 2007 to ACA 2012.


We've noticed that printing is much slower on our XEROX (smaller format: letter, legal, tabloid) than before. However, we haven't noticed any difference on our Plotter (larger format: A0, A1,...)


What's a bit weird is if we create a .PDF of a .DWG and print it on our XEROX, it's much faster (or should I say 'normal' speed).


It's not SO slow that's it's a serious problem, really. Not yet anyway. I was simply wondering if anyone else has this issue and if there's anything we can tweak to make it faster.


I'm starting to think we should create .PDF's of everything and simply print them instead. Sounds longer, but it's actually faster this way.


FYI: The background plotting option is turned off. Also, we have the latest drivers.



Pierre P.

Pierre P.

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Re: Slow printing

04-17-2012 05:06 AM in reply to: CarrierSavard

First of all, please make sure to have installed the latest plotter driver provided by the hardware vendor (Xerox) - you might want to doublecheck the vendors website for an updated driver. The issue you are reporting is not something we are aware of, but it is most likely caused by the printer driver.  


If the above does not resolve the issue, I would recommend to completely uninstall the current printer driver, but this time using the Printer Driver Removal Tool from Brother. It removes not only Brother drivers, but also other vendors drivers (like Xerox). 


Then you should install the latest driver for this plotter locally and test if they can plot to a file selecting this driver. 

If this is working then please go ahead and install the driver as network plotter. 


In addition, please also try to set FULLPLOTPATH to 0 and BACKGROUNDPLOT to 2.


I hope this helps.

Holger Klöcker
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