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09-20-2012 10:55 AM

I have been struggling this last week trying to figure out using the project navigator with sheets.  I am a long time user of autocad, but have been using Revit the last few years so I am attempting to go back to autocad for some patrician projects.  I want to get up to speed on the whole sheet, navigator, title mark thing but it seems so much more straightforward in Revit.   I used to use mview and layouts and would title by hand on paper space layouts.  With the functionally of Revit (it seems to be straight forward to drop in field information in title marks, sheet, numbers etc.) I am having problems in the navigator.


My process now in Autocad 2013 is to draw in model space, go to a layout in paper space, insert using 'mview' with the scale appropriate to the paper space sheet (that has an imported border with logo company info etc.).  In order to automate the title marks, I use the tools pallet and drag that block into the layout.  The title mark won't recognize the mview, so I made vports (using the vports dialog) but these boxes disappear when I exit that vport dialog box.  When I insert the title mark from the pallet these vports show up when dragged over, but disappear again when placed or when the cursor is moved away.  There appears on these vports to be a title mark location already as the lower left hand corner has a circle (as to show a view number). 
So is the mview not a vport?  How do I get the current vports to show their borders on the layout or how do I get the mview border to become a vport?  I'd like to get the automatic fields to work so that I can enjoy the functionality I am currently enjoying in Revit.   In anticipation of someone out there, 'then why not just use Revit', there are times when our office needs to use autocad when revit doesn't make sense.

Thanks for any help on this. 



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09-21-2012 04:44 AM in reply to: tacitimagination
If you are using Project Navigator the process is; - Model in Constructs/element dwg model space - On Views tab create a view.dwg to gather Constructs/elements into a model to annotate - In the view.dwg define a modelspace view area and place the tag within it. You’ll see the name populate with a ? in the view number until placed on sheet. - In Sheets (sheetset) drag the view.dwg>modelspace view from the view tab to the sheet. This creates the view (attaches xrefs and creates viewport) and fills in the remaining view tag fields
- Robin.
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