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Linking Door Tags to Door Schedules...

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02-14-2012 11:55 AM

So I have ACAD Arch 2012 and I am trying to associate my door tags with my door schedule and visa versa.  I get as far as creating the Door Schedule with all the doors on it and quantified just the way you would want to see it; however, the "Mark" remains "A" for every door.  I discovered that I can change the Mark on the extended properties of each door, but I believe there should be a better (and more linked) way to accomplish this.  Since the program already recognizes how many doors there are of a specific style it should be able to put sequential "marks" to each door, for example "A", "B", "C", etc.


Can anyone help me with this please?  I've explored many different options and methods that seem intuitive to me but have come up empty.  Also, what's the difference between Door Tags - Project Based and regular Door Tags?  Thanks so much!



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Re: Linking Door Tags to Door Schedules...

02-14-2012 04:58 PM in reply to: seanddrake

Not exactly sure what you want to do; I will take a stab at a reply and you can always post back with more questions or clarifications.  I am assuming that you are using the out-of-the-box Property Sets, tags and Schedule Table Styles.


I will start with the easy part.  The "Project Based" Door Tag and Door Schedule are meant to be used when working in the ACA Drawing Management environment (Project Browser and Project Navigator).  This is a feature of ACA that provides a framework for managing the multitude of external references needed for a project, and provides additional functionality and automation beyond that available when not using the Drawing Management feature.  If you are not using this feature, then do not use the "Project Based" content.


The Mark column in the project-based Door Schedule uses the DoorObjects:NumberProjectBased property, which is a concatenation of the DoorObjects:RoomNumber and DoorObjects:NumberSuffix properties.  The DoorObjects:RoomNumber property is a Location property that reads the SpaceObjects:NumberProjectBased property from the Space over which the Door's location grip is placed.  The DoorObjects:NumberSuffix property is a Manual, text-type property with a default value of "A".  When there is more than one Door in a room, you need to manually change the suffix value to "B" for the second door, etc.


The SpaceObjects:NumberProjectBased property is also a concatenation of two properties:  SpaceObjects:Level and SpaceObjects:Increment.  The SpaceObjects:Level property is a Project property that holds the Level ID for the level of the Space; the SpaceObjects:Increment property is an auto-increment integer type Manual property.  If you are not using Project Navigator, then the Level property will be undefined, which is why you cannot use the Project Based content without using the Drawing Management feature.


The Mark column in the non-project-based Door Schedule uses the DoorObjects:Number property, which is an auto-increment integer type Manual property.


I am not certain how you are getting just "A" for all of your Door Marks, unless you have modified some of the out-of-the-box settings or made your own content.  If you can more clearly describe what you want the end result to be, someone here should be able to help you get there, if possible.  I can tell you that out-of-the-box ACA will not keep track of how many Doors of each style are in the drawing and automatically increment a property to the next letter for that style.  You can create an auto-increment character Manual property, but it will assign the next letter to each subsequent Door to which the Property Set is added without regard to the Door Style.

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