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length of a polyline

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12-28-2010 06:19 PM

I have a stupid question 

in Acad 2010 what is the command or where is the button to measure the length of a polyline.  I am trying to layout a radiant heat loop in a concrete floor and need to keep them all the same length.


thank you


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Re: length of a polyline

12-29-2010 01:53 AM in reply to: danviola

You can use the LIST command. BTW, the only dumb questions are the ones that people never ask. What matters is learning. Warm regards from Los Angeles,




Here's a copy of the command history:


Command: list
Select objects: 1 found

Select objects:
                  LWPOLYLINE  Layer: "0"
                            Space: Model space
                   Handle = 2b3e
    Constant width     0'-0"
              area   1151125.71 square in. (7993.9286 square ft.)
            length   413'-3 27/32"

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Re: length of a polyline

12-29-2010 06:32 AM in reply to: danviola

As noted by caddguru, the LIST command will give you information about an object, including the total length of a polyline.  You can also obtain the value for a selected polyline from the Length property in the Properties palette.


The Length property can be added to the list of properties displayed for polylines by Rollover Tooltips and/or Quick Properties, if you are able to edit your main CUIX file, by using the CUI command.

David Koch
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