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First to ask about Classic Menu for 2013!

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05-08-2012 04:59 PM

Have reviewed the discussion groups looking how to get back to Classic Menu for ACA / MEP 2013.  Looks like I'll be the first to ask how to get it done.

I'm jumping from 2010.  Have noticed posts for 2010.2011 and 2012.  You'd think Autodesk would get the hint that Ribbons aren't that popular.

Anyway, one thing I am noticing is the 2013 CUIs for ACA and MEP do not appear to have anything listed under pull down menus.  Are they NOWHERE to be found?  Is Autodesk actually trying to force users hands and not include them?

My first thought to get pulldown menus back is to rename a CUI from a previous version (so as not to write over the 2013 version) and paste it in the directory w/ the 2013 CUIs and then transfer pulldown menus over.  Haven't looked at toolbars yet but figure the same can be done.

Anyone have any warnings on this before I move forward?  Or have the recommended path to Classic Menu interface?

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Re: First to ask about Classic Menu for 2013!

05-08-2012 05:19 PM in reply to: Matasovsky

Matasovsky wrote:

Is Autodesk actually trying to force users hands and not include them?

Yes! They have chosen to unify the look of all of their products by implementing the ribbon interface.


I don't know that you are correct about the ribbons not being popular, most people don't come here to say 'OMG I love this'. I have come to like them over the Classic menu pull downs and toolbars, and in effect they are just a visual pull down menu. Took a while to like them, but the contextual ribbons sealed the deal for me. If I hadn't tried them out for a while, I would probably feel the same as you. In the first couple of releases the ribbon did have some performance hiccups, which probably soured the overall view of them.


You might want to reconsider the jump to 2013 until after the first service pack. I've been auditing the 2013 forum and it doesn't look promising.


~ Mary

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Re: First to ask about Classic Menu for 2013!

05-10-2012 06:11 PM in reply to: MarySeufert

The only issue I have with the ribbon is they don't include all the commands which were provided in the old menus. If they included all of them then I'd start using them.

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Re: First to ask about Classic Menu for 2013!

05-11-2012 05:01 AM in reply to: jmcintyre

No one needs ALL OF THE COMMANDS on display all of the time, and that's the approach the Ribbon (used with workspaces and Profiles) take as provided OOTB. And like everything else AutoCAD-based, the end-user is allowed to add-on, show/hide and customize to the max if they alone wish it. After so many releases with the Ribbon, if you are still 'waiting on Autodesk' for anything your seriously hiding the real reason you don't want to try it :smileyhappy:

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