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ACA 2013 - Elevation Bug?

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03-29-2012 07:59 AM

I've attached a file with a 2D elevation.  The hidden lines are created as continuous lines.  This always worked fine in previous releases.  Is this a bug or have I done something wrong?

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Re: ACA 2013 - Elevation Bug?

03-31-2012 07:36 AM in reply to: Hugh_Compton

I have exactly the same problem with ACA 2013.

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Re: ACA 2013 - Elevation Bug?

04-02-2012 06:18 AM in reply to: Hugh_Compton

Same here !!

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Re: ACA 2013 - Elevation Bug?

04-04-2012 12:02 AM in reply to: Hugh_Compton


Error with solids, walls...

AUTODESK... please...

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Re: ACA 2013 - Elevation Bug?

04-06-2012 11:27 AM in reply to: julianagg

Hollly Cow...i have the same problem.  Nighmare as I now have to get a drawing out the door!

Mike Shick
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Re: ACA 2013 - Elevation Bug?

04-06-2012 01:12 PM in reply to: mikeshick

Autodesk Support says they are aware...just go ahead with a manual manipulation until they work out a fix.  Are they out of their minds!!!  Really frustrating - vent vent vent!

Mike Shick
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Re: ACA 2013 - Elevation Bug?

04-13-2012 05:10 AM in reply to: Hugh_Compton

I have the same problem Great to show clients.

How do we get a refund on our subscription. 

Well done autocad is this to help us move to Revit.

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Re: ACA 2013 - Elevation Bug?

04-13-2012 07:13 AM in reply to: mikeshick

I sent this letter to their feedback link.  (


re CaseNo:07123605, Defect Tag No: 1458523


This case has been a huge setback for our company.  We just started with a new laptop, when Autodesk issued AutoCAD Architecture 2013.  We loaded 2013 and immediately spent two days in the field documenting an existing residence.  When we came back to the office to generate sections and elevations, we were blown away by the inability to generate acceptable elevations and sections.


We have been using Autodesk products since 1998.  I personally have been quite proactive with employers, colleagues, and now in my own firm with your upgrades and staying up-to-date with newest version of AutoCAD products.


We have been using AutoCAD Architecture for about 7 years, and have grown familiar with many of its tools.  Thus, when we were recently contacted by a new client, we were able to give him a proposal for service along with a very tight delivery date.


As a result of this failure in Architecture 2013, we have already doubled our hours working on this project and missed our schedule.  Furthermore, this will likely result in our forfeiture of at least some of our anticipated compensation, and a serious reduction in our overall revenue due to the increase work to mitigate this problem.  Even worse, this has caused a setback for scheduling other projects we have in line, and may result in our inability to contract for the grander part of this project that we have been as-builting.


Autodesk's failure to properly and adequately control the quality of their release has hit us hard, at a time when the economy is already in a dire condition and billable rates are at an all-time low for recent years.


What more can I say?  Lost income, lost client, lost opportunity.  After one week of open case, still no results.


And what small improvement could have avoided all this...the ability to save a 2013 drawing file with AEC Architecture objects back to 2012 so I could keep on moving.


I am exceedingly frustrated with this situation.


Call to discuss. 

Mike Shick
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Re: ACA 2013 - Elevation Bug?

04-13-2012 11:30 PM in reply to: Hugh_Compton

Me too !!!

Is Autodesk going to announce when a fix is likely.

Not  a serious issue on residential, but a 12 storey building - editing linework - forget it.

You can use live viewports, but that generates a whole new setup for text in paperspace.

I'd rather wait in ACA2012.

If fixups are in the wind, how about the shademode defaulting to wireframe.

I spend many hours switching between model and layouts, only to always end up in wireframe at modelspace.

Have to manually SHA 2D every time I change or save drawing.

Need ability to default to @d shademode.


On a positive note, it's great to see the Xref / material bug fixed.

Seems we can Refedit again without the doors and windows going missing.


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Re: ACA 2013 - Elevation Bug?

04-15-2012 02:37 PM in reply to: mikeshick

The 2 people they have left working on ACA development are probably under a lot of pressure to find and fix this. :smileylol:


Having said that I've never used any acad based product in live production until the first service pack comes out. Historically I've heard of too many people like yourself who have been bitten by defective releases. You could try exporting to IFC then importing to 2012...good luck with that though.

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