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10-11-2012 02:26 PM

I have had a CAD file taken from me and then returned with many changes.  I am trying to recover the Metadata information from the returned CAD file.  I have taken the CAD file into Notepad and retrieved some information and got some from the properties, however I do not know exactly what I am looking at and how it is relevant.  And I am not sure how to retrieve all the Metadata information.


My orginal cad file has the following information that I can retrieve

Properties state the file was originally created in 2004

NotePad -code AC1021 - which means autocad 2008

id prop #8 has my name

id prop #258 has AutoCAD 2008

id prop #10 has the date :11-15-2011


The returned CAD file has the following information that I can retrieve

Properties state the file was orginally created in 2004 (Same date and time as the orginal)

NotePad - code AC1018 - which means autocad 2006

id prop #8 has a different name than mine

id prop #258 has AutoCAD 2011

id prop #10 has the date: 10-5-2011


I received the CAD file in September 2012


Can anybody help direct me to make heads or tails of this information or how I can retrieve the metadata from the files.  The returned file was last saved in AutoCAD 2011 and I am running AutoCAD 2008, so "eattext" command hasn't worked.


I am trying to prove (beyond a reasonable doubt) that the returned file is actually the file that started in my office.  And the only information that I can truely understand is the creation date on the properties.  I know at some point it was on a 2006 and 2011 system.  But the dates in the AppInfoDataList don't work on the timeline of when the drawings were complete and sent out for permit.


Can somebody help me understand what I am looking at or know of a different method of getting that information?  I am far from a CAD guru, so any help will need to be on a novice level.


I appreciate any assistance. Marshall



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