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Solid Editing in Viewports

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04-25-2013 02:53 PM

Using Autocad MEP 2013. I discovered a potentially powerful way to model today by utilizing a large paperspace template with multiple viewports. Rather than creating and editing my model in model space, where managing multiple layers and views becomes very cumbersome (plus, model space gets kind of messy with section views and ordinate dimensions and such), this allows me to keep all of my layers "on" in model space, but to customize each VP with the specific layers I want to see while editing. I LOVE the layer isolation feature, which unclutters the model even more for solid editing and I just figured out how to configure it for VP isolation only. In conjunction with the newly discovered (I'm a little slow) "maximize viewport" tool, it is just like I am working in model space (right down to the black background, which I prefer). I was ecstatic to unleash the power of editing 3D entities by isolating them in a VP. However, there appears to be a glitch of some kind. I cannot face edit my solids. At first, ACAD thought the entity was on a locked layer, which it wasn't (I could even move the solid, just not edit a face), so I unlocked ALL layers. Then it gave me this message when attempting to edit: "No loop through new edges and vertices", which I have no idea what it means. But most of the time it simply won't select the solid for editing. It doesn't matter if I maximize the VP or not. When I go into model space from the MODEL tab and isolate the layer of the object I want to edit, it works just fine. Just not in the VP. Any ideas would be terribly appreciated!

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