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AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015

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Plotting to PDF with Transparency

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12-12-2012 10:12 AM

I have multiple drawings I've been working on that have tif files laid in the background that I have been making my drawings over the top of. In order to make the linework easier to see, both on screen and on plot, I applied a 65% transparency to the layer containing the tif. Everything worked fine, and printing worked great, but when I tried to plot them to pdf, the transparency failed to plot properly. I tried PrimoPDF and the transparency worked, but the paper sizes didn't include Arch D and the plot didn't look as crisp as the one produced by AutoCAD. In the end, I ended up pay $5 per print to have the DWG files processed, because I needed the transparency to plot properly. I would like to figure out what the problem was so that next time I need to send out for prints, I can save my company the costs of an extra $5 per print. Anybody know how I can fix it? 

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Re: Plotting to PDF with Transparency

01-06-2013 10:33 PM in reply to: jtanner231



I hope you have found the solution for this problem. If you haven't, have you checked plot transparency in plot dialog box? I tried to plot with transparency to PDF using DWG to PDF plotter driver, it works.



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Re: Plotting to PDF with Transparency

01-07-2013 07:41 AM in reply to: jtanner231

As an alternative to transparency, you can use Fade.  Select the image, then Right click and from the pull down select Adjust.  That dialog will display sliders for Brightness, Contrast, and Fade.  Try upping the Fade value from 0 (the default) to 50. 


Or type ImageAdjust, and pick one or more of the TIFF images to get there as well


It should plot a lot faster too.....  Although unlike Transparency, Fading will still cover drawing entities below the image, so you'll need to pay attention to draworder more.

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