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Linetype Loading Bug

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10-04-2012 11:40 AM

Extract from ACADISO.LIN states

;;  User Defined Linetypes
;;  Add any linetypes that you define to this section of
;;  the file to ensure that they migrate properly when
;;  upgrading to a future AutoCAD version.  If duplicate
;;  linetype definitions are found in this file, items
;;  in the User Defined Linetypes section take precedence
;;  over definitions that appear earlier in the file.


This is not true in 2013.

If you define a linetype e.g. Center in this section of the file

and this has the same name as a linetype that appears previously in the file,

using the command sequence

Linetype Load will display both linetypes in the dialogue.

and if you use in a macro e.g.

(command "Linetype"  "Load" "Center" "Acadiso.lin" "")

Autocad loads the first linetype named Center it finds in the file

and then tries to load the next one, but with a

" reload linetype" prompt..

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Re: Linetype Loading Bug

10-18-2012 11:02 PM in reply to: Ian_Bryant
Just loaded the service pack, but no change.
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Re: Linetype Loading Bug

10-31-2012 09:06 AM in reply to: Ian_Bryant
Been looking at my Acadiso.lin files for old versions
and have noticed that I had commented out the
the original duplicate def.s.
I must have forgotten that I had a sim. problem
with these files.
Had an email from Autodesk saying that the
problem with loading duplicate linetype names
is as designed behaviour, although it contradicts
the note in the file that user definitions take precedence.
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