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Infectious Linetypes

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01-04-2013 07:34 AM

I'm having a small problem with linetypes that are not being used nor will they purge from a drawing.  I believe that all started with the binding of an xref but now the xref has been removed along with just about everything else other than simple geometry and some text.  The linetypes will not purge. For instance, if I take a standard "new" dwt file that has no problems and copy anything from an "infected" drawing to the dwt, the infectious linetypes will now appear in the dwt.  And when I say anything, I mean anything.  i can draw a new circle/line/point on the "0" layer and copy that new item into the clean dwt and it will take along with it the unwanted linetypes. 


I have seen a similar post about linetypes not purging.  And have tried the wblock solution with now luck.  I have tried recover along with anything else that I could think of.  Again the drawing doesn't have any xrefs and even newly drawn items, when coppied, will become infected by the unwanted line types.


Also, the linetypes that are being left behind do have the "$0$" within the name.  But also to mention the only ones being left behind are "powerline" and "phantom", hopefully somone will be able to help me clear this up.

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