AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015

AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015

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If you check the annotative box in the DIMSTYLE

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01-29-2013 04:09 AM

Can a DIMSTYLE with annotative box checked be used in Layout or Paper Space? If so, are dimension at risk of losing their associative to part being dimension or be subject to change their Scale Factor when moving model or a different user (machine) opens the file?

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Re: If you check the annotative box in the DIMSTYLE

01-29-2013 05:49 AM in reply to: jatriassi

Look up DIMASSOC, and turn it on, and use object snaps to attach dimensions to your objects.

Sometimes you have to use DIMREASSOCIATE command, but not often.


If you post back, you need to be a way more specific about your exact problem and not repeat the light description in your initial post if the problem persists.

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Re: If you check the annotative box in the DIMSTYLE

01-29-2013 06:34 AM in reply to: pendean

We have been having issues with dimensioning in Paper Space. We have experienced three types of problems:

  1. The location of some dimensions move scatter off the drawing. This typical happens as soon as the drawing is opened.
  2. The dimensions pick up the actual paper space length. The dimensions associate to paper space elements not the components in model space.  Or the dimensions are not associative.
  3.  The dimension will increase in length by the paper space scale factor. (We are currently not sure what is causing this error.)

Responses to issues I am questioning:


To help resolve these issues and to prevent errors in paper space dimensioning, the following “best practices” should be followed:

  1. Settings:
    1. Dimension Associativey   should be on, this can be set thru options, user preferences (check - make new dimensions associative).                            

  Or key in dimassoc, set to 2.

  1. Dimension Style :
    1. Verify that under the Fit tab, is not set to Annotative. (address item #1 above)
  2. Snaps:
    1. Need to be careful that you are snapping (associating the dimensions) to the 3d objects in model space.
      1.                                                               i.     Tips:
        1. Be careful with elements added to Paper space such as center lines or hidden lines.
        2. Avoid using the following O-snaps when dimensioning:
          1. Node – can easily snap to the dimension node in paper space and not the 3d objects.
          2.  Perpendicular – this may not allow the dimension to be connected to the proper location in the model.
          3. Others (nearest, tangent, - right side of settings list).
  3. Avoid putting Dimensions at Risk (may cause dimensions to be un-associative) :
    1. Avoid stretching (gripping) the extension line node to paper space objects such as centerlines.
    2.  Avoid “re-gripping” existing dimensions to new model space objects. The proper command is “DIMREASSOCIATE”.
    3. Beware that modifying the model space elements may cause the dimensions to become un-associative.
    4. Once the viewport is setup in paper space verify that the viewport display is locked and the visual style is set to 2d-wireframe.
  4. Additional Tips / Best Practices:
    1. Avoid using “Match Prosperities” to fix dimensions.
  5.  Remove Annotative in your DIMSTYLE

 Thank you for your response

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