AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015

AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015

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I cannot use the add-a-plotter wizard in AutoCAD 2013

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04-30-2012 06:43 AM

When I try to add a plotter, I get  a message, "No DRC files were found in Autocad 2013 - English drivers directory."

The DRC files are in the DRV\en-US directory, and is in my drivers search path.  I have even changed the order of the search path to place that directory first, but no joy.  Does anyone know how I can get this working?

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Re: I cannot use the add-a-plotter wizard in AutoCAD 2013

05-07-2012 07:29 AM in reply to: pstarkey

Just found the fix. Under options, Files, Device Driver File Search Path you should have the default

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013\drv

I add other locations that are on our network also. This is what was screwing everything up.

Remove all other paths and just keep the default.

Run the wizzard and all is good. I then repathed my other network locations and everything is working for me.

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Re: I cannot use the add-a-plotter wizard in AutoCAD 2013

06-01-2012 03:27 PM in reply to: pstarkey



This is a huge problem.  I was able to install my plotter drivers having only the default directory as stated in the previous post.  However, I need to use an additional DRV directory on the network to place HDI files.  In the OPTIONS command, you're able to add an additonal DRV directory to the search area.  In versions prior to 2013, this would work perfectly.  This has been broken somehow in 2013.  I was able to place a network location at the top of the DRV list and have the drivers install there.  Please investigate and rectify.  Thank you!


Erik F

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Re: I cannot use the add-a-plotter wizard in AutoCAD 2013

09-21-2012 02:07 PM in reply to: erikf

I'm having the same problem, plus some. I'm trying to deploy 2013 to 150+ users, and while I have been able to push the driver files to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2013\Drv, my pc3 file that I push out does not work on the new systems. I have to run Add-A-Plotter Wizard on each computer, select My Computer and Have Disk... to point to the same Drv folder where the hif file is located so that the system will "recognize" the hdi file. At that point, the pc3 file I deployed starts working. I'd hate to have to do that (or walk all my users through that) for each system.


Is there some way around this? The driver is the 64bit Kip11 driver for AutoCAD 2013. Once recognized, everything works fine, so I don't think the driver is at fault. It's just that AutoCAD won't use it until I run the Add-A-Plotter Wizard. This was not the behavior of previous versions.


Any help would be appreciated.


Dave Horger

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Re: I cannot use the add-a-plotter wizard in AutoCAD 2013

10-11-2012 08:19 AM in reply to: dhorger

Experiencing the exact same issue with the Kip11 driver here...been pulling my hair out for months trying to find a workaroud.  It is preventing us from rolling out 2013 to 35+ users and has management discussing the reasoning behind paying for the subscription service.  As of today, no help from our reseller and no response to emails sent to Autodesk.

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Re: I cannot use the add-a-plotter wizard in AutoCAD 2013

10-11-2012 01:08 PM in reply to: bshank

According to my reseller, something apparently "broke" with the API changes for 2013 in this regard. I finally got a work-around to this problem by first copying all the Kip driver files to the default driver folder C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2013\Drv as well as its subfolder EN-US. Then I was able to make the PC3 file. To deploy, I had to copy the Kip files to the same two folders on each workstation. Only then did AutoCAD recognize those drivers on those systems.


Hope this helps.

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Re: I cannot use the add-a-plotter wizard in AutoCAD 2013

10-11-2012 01:57 PM in reply to: dhorger

I arrived at the same workaround as dhorger and can confirm that it does work for anyone who needs to use it.  The only thing i did different was to copy only the kip11.drc file into the en-US is not necessary to have the rest of the kip driver files in that folder.

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Re: I cannot use the add-a-plotter wizard in AutoCAD 2013

11-29-2012 08:59 AM in reply to: pstarkey

Thanks to this discussion group I was able to first figure out why I couldn't use the Add plotter wizard to create a new PC3, so thanks for that and the only reason I was trying to is that we are just testing Civil 3D 2013 and noticed that we couldn't plot to our KIP plotters using our existing PC3's.


From reading the rest of the discussion this is what I have figured out.

1. Autocad 2013 doesn't like having 2 paths in the File search path / Device Driver File Search Path when you are trying to use the Add plotter Wizard so just leave the local path first.

2. The work around so that you don't have to install all of these KIP drivers on all the machines manually is to first only have the local path on the Device Driver Files Search Path to create PC3's, once done you can add back the network path but you have to copy the folder "enu-US" that is located under "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013\Drv" and copy that to the network location where you have the rest of the KIP drivers, then close Autocad and reopen it and you should then have 2 paths under the Device Driver Path, it will automatically recreate the local one if you delete it so don't both trying to delete it.

3. After following #2 I was able to use our existing KIP PC3's in 2013 just fine.


Thanks everybody

Brent Morris

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