AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015

AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoCAD

06-22-2012 09:09 AM in reply to: a3dtot

Because I pay so much money every year I believe you are obligated to make a product that deliver. I have posted this in AutoCAD 2012 but i dont think much will be done... so i am reposting until Autodesk gets sick of me. 

I have heard rummors that you are taking all the autocad money and putting it into Inventor and all the other new programs... I hope this is not the case. 


Here's some things that need improvement. You need to deliver. We really do not want to see 5 new trim and extend commands in the 2013 version. Dont roll out the 2014 if its too late to do all of this. 


- rendering - why does my 2008 render images crisply and 2013, 2012 and 2011 always come out whitewashed. Please don't try to teach me how to render - i know its not my knowlege but a software flaw. (you acknoledged a year ago that there is a flaw and deliver unfixed 2013 release - i have the emails)


- rendering - make it more robust. fix the shadows! They are too dark and objects are too bright... dont teach me the settings. I know it. its a software flaw. At 4096 they are grainy at the perimeter... 


- rendering - what does the physical scale and memory limit do - make it simple english or take it out if it does nothing. Simple. 


- what happend to coming up with a nice dialog box for arrays? instead you de-evloved to a commnad input.... Imrove the dialog box... make the columns visual insted of I I I 


- ribbon... This has got to be the most retarded idea ever! Why do i need to move my mouse twice and click twice to invoke a comand. Simply do away with it. What is Microsoft your trendsetter? How Lame! I know when you switch to toolbars some items are missing. we want all the 2D icons displayed on the screen at the same time... (by the way - do not do away with the workspaces - love it!!) 


- all the icons are the same color. this also is the most retarded move ever made. dont you know that some if not most people find their icons so fast based on differnt looks/color.. bring back the colors!!! :smileyhappy: 


-  the constraints. Great. improve them. make them work. 


- seriously i pay 4000 for a license and i still have the same hatches i had 15 years ago. wheres wood? wheres nice gravel? dont try to sell me impression here. i dont want to learn a whole new program so i can do landscaping layouts. 


- page setup and print should be in one window. Nuff said. 


- have some real world preset plot configurations. The whole grayscale 50% is useless. premake some. its easy. let blue be .45mm thick. and so on... 


- imported image aspect ratio.. when i import scanned floor plan TIFFs and scale them horizntally they are always outta wack vertically... 


- text in 3D - make it look good. If this is impossible to do then fine... but something tells me it is possible. I now make my text in solidworks and import it into autocad - just cause it looks so good. 


- turn off all the online colaboration and communications... I dont want to keep in touch with you. :smileyhappy: I really dont. Quit hogging up the resources with this stuff. Have one dialog box that can turn off everything. 


- leaders and dimensions - combine it one modify window and one toolbar. 


- centroid - give it a grip point for closed polylines or regions.... 


- oh i just thought of something... imagine constraints in 3D... would leave solidworks in the dust... 


- Draw order - is this meant to work for 30 seconds only or what? Make it permanent. I dont want to turn my final drawing into a block.


- helix - give me a dialog box that has as its end result an actual solid. ask for things such as what to sweep (circle with a radius, square dimnesions, block etc...)




- join command - love it


- surfacing smoothing and freeforming options - love it. 


- constraints - good direction you are going in. Keep it as an optionional way of drafting. Very good addon. 


- workspaces pulldown menu - great! 


- I love the file import options - especially solidworks. Great!!! 


- flatshot command - i dont know who on your team came up with it - but they deserve a fat rasie! love the interface. 


- transperency in properties - awesome! 


- grippable hatches - awesome!


- background hatch color - great! 





I am sure users here will have more to add... 



oh i know one of the posters here loves telling people "GO BUY INVENTOR".... my answer is no. I dont want to cause its not for me. 



it is not for me. autocad is the tool. i dont need a chainsaw to make me a salad. i dont know if thats a good example 

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoCAD

06-26-2012 07:18 AM in reply to: zzz144

zzz144 wrote:


it is not for me. autocad is the tool. i dont need a chainsaw to make me a salad. i dont know if thats a good example 

... or a sledgehammer to pound in thumbtacks?  :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoCAD

06-28-2012 06:35 AM in reply to: zzz144

zzz144 wrote:


oh i know one of the posters here loves telling people "GO BUY INVENTOR".... my answer is no. I dont want to cause its not for me. 


it is not for me. autocad is the tool. i dont need a chainsaw to make me a salad. i dont know if thats a good example 


You may not need a chainsaw to make a salad, but once you have a salad made with a chainsaw you will be telling everyone “GO BUY A CHAINSAW”.:smileywink:

Now you do need the right bar chain oil, one with a high flash point. 

You would think olive oil would be good for a salad but has a low flash point and there is nothing worse than burnt oil on a salad. :smileylol:


Seriously I agree we pay a lot for this product and we need it to make us more productive. I’m a professional CAD manager and drafter, not a salesman that needs a new shinny feature to sell my product.

And AutoCAD need to focus on its customers’ needs, not what your sells department says hey need.      

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoCAD

06-28-2012 07:21 AM in reply to: Ravi_Akella

FYI: To those who filled out the survey, be careful when deleting emails.

I just got one in response to my survey and at first glance it looked like junk email.  

(AI: “shape the future of AutoCAD” or even “AutoCAD” was not in the title.)

To be honest I was wondering if this thread was just a year end trick to keep us renewing, but it does seem to be real.  I have no idea what I’m getting myself into and I likely will not have any more comments in this thread; I just thought you would like to know that this is real and not just a trick.

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoCAD

07-11-2012 03:58 AM in reply to: donande

depends if those who responded have actually been contacted or not 

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoCAD

07-24-2012 06:05 AM in reply to: dgorsman


Your response perfectly illustrates the problem with Autodesk...  They need to STOP looking several years down the road when new features released years ago still don't work correctly! 

And more importantly are the basic features that have become "broken" because of new features forced upon us.

I would wait 5 years without a single new feature if that's how long it takes to fix the existing software so it works right.

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoCAD

07-25-2012 06:31 AM in reply to: Ravi_Akella


Test drive what the AutoCAD team is working on for the future and help guide our product decisions.

Test drive? Really? Don't we already do that?


For years now it's felt like I am a secret (and unknowing/unwilling) member of Autodesk's beta testing team or something.


Now I'm not a software developer, so it might seem like I'm not qualified to criticize Autodesk's developers. However, I am a customer. And it should be the customers who dictate the path of the product.


Remember the Ford Probe? It originally was Ford's master plan to keep up with the trends by turning the Mustang into a front -wheel drive vehicle. They partnered with Mazda and went to work. When Mustang fans found out, there was an uproar. Ford backpedaled, keeping both cars since they'd already spent so much money developing the Probe.


Sure wish Autodesk could learn that lesson. The customer dictated the path, and as it turned out, the Probe enjoyed several years as a production car.


And the point? This thread is the uproar -- we are customers telling Autodesk what we want. And what is Autodesk doing? Turning the Mustang into an econobox. They asked us to try out some of their new stuff - but they've turned a deaf ear to our other concerns. Ignored them completely.


This isn't a new issue. An examination of the forums here and elsewhere show a clear indication, going years back, that the vast majority of cadders everywhere have the same thoughts: Fix the bugs. We aren't supposed to troubleshoot your product for you. Stop messing with the things that are working already. Start fixing all the little things that have become worse over the years.


For the price we pay for the software, I expect a much higher quality product. In fact, if it weren't for the awesome peer support to be found on the internet nowadays, AutoCAD would be so difficult to use it would lose a lot of cost-effectiveness. (In my line of work, at least.)


I heartliy support efforts like this to try and grab hold of Autodesk's ear. I really hope they start listening soon. But as a realist, I have to think that things won't change much because Autodesk has very little incentive to do so. They have no serious competition, no threats to the status quo, and apparently no desire to listen to our concerns.


That's my $.02 analysis. Looks like we're stuck with what they determine is best for us.


For now.

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoCAD

07-25-2012 10:52 AM in reply to: jseefdrumr

I'm not going to disagree with anything jseefdrumr said.... but did want to point out that over the last decade, Autodesk's upgrade cycle, limited quality control, unsatisfactory customer relations, and lack of paying attention to user's needs has managed to turn many of its stongest advocates into sceptics.  Many long time uers, who track their history of Autodesk product usage back to the mid 1980's, have become increasingly dis-illusioned with the progress, performance, and direction we see.


the legacy of long standing bugs, unfinished features, pooly thought out implementations of good ideas, poor implementations of even poorer ideas, constant upgrades that don't help, and the ongoing focus on eye-candy at the expense of performance is discouraging. MLINE as just one example of a half baked, unusable tool, that _could_ have been a helpful function, but has had no love this centtury.  Perhaps the senior decision makers at Autodesk should not try to invert Dale Carnegie's advice, and instead of losing supporters and alienating customers, work at matching their products to user's needs, first and formost being quality improvements.  ship the thing when it works, not when the marketer's calendar says to. 

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoCAD

07-26-2012 08:59 AM in reply to: Ravi_Akella

Please see this line of posts that I recently participated in regarding the DWG to PDF printer:

That is an issue that I first encountered (and never got an Autodesk fix for) when using AutoCAD 2008 and one of my responders said he hadn't seen it since R2005 or so. This long standing issue is still not fixed! I shouldn't need to download additional software (even if it is freeware) after paying thousands of dollars for AutoCAD. Can't you make a DWG to PDF printer that works after all these years???


I just purchased a new computer and have installed R2013 on it as noted in the forum string above and I have already spent several days trying to get the interface usable for me. I still have more things I need to customize to be more like previous versions so I can work efficiently. When I installed Microsoft Word on the machine I was able to start using it instantly after installation. (Oh, and by the way, I was able to make quality PDFs from day 1.) I am losing money while I search online discussion groups for "solutions" to the "fixes" AutoCAD has created - especially all the "junk" that now clutters the screen.


I know the platform is powerful and that many users will be using desktop machines with monstrous monitors, but I need to be able to work on-the-go so I use a laptop. The new ribbon is so tall that I lose an incredible amount of drawing space on a very horizontally oriented laptop monitor. I am now going to search for a way to go back to my strips of icons along the side like I had in my old R2008.


Maybe in another week or two I can be up to speed and start getting my work done in R2013 and not needing to fire up the old machine with R2008 so I can bang out work quickly. With all the time I have spent/lost getting R2013 "customized" to be more like previous versions I am not inclined to be a guinea pig for other "new" ideas AutoCAD has at this time.


Besides, didn't I click on a box when I installed R2013 to allow Autodesk to monitor how I use the software? Can't you see all of the things I do on a regular basis? All of the environment modifications I make? Why not use that data to inform future desisions about the product along with monitoring these discussion forums? Unless you are going to give a discount on subscription or license renewal why should we, your customers, do your work for free while we are losing business dollars trying to use new "fixes" to software we paid a lot of money for that should have been functioning out-of-the-box?


I need to stop my rant here so I can get back to billable work now.

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoCAD

07-27-2012 04:44 PM in reply to: zzz144

Does anyone else remeber the old Microstation in the eightties? I recall them not having a command prompt. It looks like in AutoCAD 2013 that the comand prompt is starting to become a useless appendage destined for discontinuation. Sorry, I feel that is a step backward.


Out of the box AutoCAD 2013 - The alias R still invokes REDRAW.


Please correct me if I'm missing something, but is there anyone out there that has any use for this? I'm pretty sure that is one of the most obsolete pieces of CAD lore still clunking around.


Autodesk needs a CAD Czar. They need a VP that just listens to the thousands of customers that can point out easy to fix problems and expidites the fixes of those problems. Maybe he/she could chase down big problems too.

Please look at the present first, then think about the future.

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