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I just started working at a new firm, and they don't really have much for blocks and templates set up in their system . . . pretty much out of the box AutoCAD.  All of the places that I have worked in the past have lots of nice blocks already set up to their standards, but here I am finding that I am trying to create blocks to do what I have done at OTHER firms that have helped to save time on working on a project.



If you put a symbol on a sheet, and a dimension line or grid line is interfering with that symbol (crossing through it) I know there HAS to be a way to make it so the symbol hides the part of the line that is crossing through it.  Kind of like building a wipeout into the block . . . but how would you do that?  Just build a wipeout right into the block?  Or is there a easier way that I am missing?

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Re: blocks

04-09-2013 07:02 PM in reply to: jmosch0410

I do that all the time. Build a block, take it into Block Editor, draw a closed pline around the area I want wiped out and create a wipeout. Be sure to set the DRAWORDER of the WIPEOUT while in Block Editor.  I send mine to the back.


A tip I picked up here on the forum but can't remember who (whom?): wipeouts can only be created from straight lines. If you have a round symbol that you want to have a wipeout behind, make a multi-faceted polygon. Not 10 or 15 sides, but 100 or whatever makes it smooth for you.


Caveat: If you dim in PS you may have to put the symbol in PS although I'm not really sure.  Never had the issue come up cause I only have geometry in MS. All annotation is in PS for me. Symbols, too. The symbol has to be above the dimline in the DRAWORDER to hide it and if the symbol is in MS and the dim in PS it may not have the desired results.








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