AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015

AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015

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Re: AutoCAD 2014 Crash after Install.

04-09-2013 09:16 AM in reply to: pendean

Hi there,


Wanted to follow up with anyone watching this post.  Had Autodesk helping with this one so "thank you" to them.  I had microsoft framework 4.5 installed when trying to run installation of AutoCAD 2014.  We removed that, installed 4.0, did a repair install, reset settings to default and it looked like it runs well. 


Note was to not have 4.5 installed when installing software they did say it was ok to install after the fact.  I have not tried this yet. 


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Re: AutoCAD 2014 Crash after Install.

04-30-2013 01:11 PM in reply to: kmiller

I have the same problem. Fatal error

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Re: AutoCAD 2014 Crash after Install.

05-03-2013 07:40 AM in reply to: DarrenP

When you crash, are you seeing the Customer Error Report dialog?  If so, provide some information that will identify these reports, such as using "See discussion thread - AutoCAD 2014 Crash after Install" in your user comment.  There may be some useful information that would help explain why you are encountering this problem.


Thanks,  Bill

Bill Glennie
AutoCAD Architecture and MEP Team
Autodesk, Inc.

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Re: AutoCAD 2014 Crash after Install.

05-06-2013 05:41 AM in reply to: kmiller

i installed revit beta 2 on my pc and not a single autodesk program has worked since ,

i have uninstalled all used iobit uninstaller, and ccleaner, manually rooted through the registry for autodesk, autocad, revit, tryed new installs severall times and when i start architecture or autocad my whole computer will freeze so i have to turn it off and start again. I suspect it is the new "enhanced" 360 function for Revit beta2.


Is'nt a accleanall.exe available for download?



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AutoCAD 2014 Crash after Install.

08-03-2014 09:33 PM in reply to: klim



Sorry for using this post but i have same problem here... i just downloaded a student license, I installed autocad properly. The thing it's when I launched it for the very first time an error message appeared saying that Security system (Softlock license manager isn't working or it was not installed properly and then it closes.


If I ever try to launch it again, sometimes it doesn't even show me the error message and just crashes.


System info:



Windows 8.1 64 bits

RADEON graphics


I don't know what other info is relevant. I'm really hoping you can help me out at solving this issue.


Thank you in advance for your support.



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