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Re: Truetype font vs SHX

10-27-2011 11:36 AM in reply to: acaduser123

You need to always ensure Z=0, for Text, Mtext, Attributes in block and more, or you will always get the 'fuzzies'. THis is done by controlling your cursor's Z elevation, ensureing any objects you snap to are also at Z=0 and more.


If you can't get Flatten to work, the simplest oldest macro below will fix them all too, put it in a button:



Or LISP the macro if you are a typing cadder:

(defun C:FLAT ()
 (command "_.move" "_all" "" '(0 0 1e99) ""
                   "_.move" "_p" "" '(0 0 -1e99) "")


Or at the commandline you can try:

select objects
0'-0" (or plane elev)


Never forget that AutoCAD is a 3D program.


If you prefer broken-pencil-drawn text, there is nothing wrong with old-school SHX fonts, they still work.

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10-27-2011 03:01 PM in reply to: *Michael Robertson



Is it open source, public domain, or freely available.  these are _not_ necessarily the same thing.


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