AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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some objects missing in DWG to PDF prints

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09-04-2011 10:28 AM

I recently tried printing a layout to "DWG to PDF.pc3" with some white objects (both text and polylines with width) in front of a dark background hatch.  Some of the white objects (255,255,255 true color) were missing in the PDF, but not all of them.  Then I tried printing to my Adobe Acrobat driver, and that seemed to work fine.  Then I tried to use the publish dialog and change to save a PDF instead of send to my plotter, and that worked fine, too.


Is there something wrong with the "DWG to PDF.pc3" driver settings?


I tested the layering of objects and tried a few different fonts to no positive result whenever using the "DWG to PDF.pc3" file.  I really want the converter printer to work because my whole office uses it to print PDF files at our various custom sizes, and the file with white text is to be our office title sheet.





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Re: some objects missing in DWG to PDF prints

09-04-2011 11:11 AM in reply to: cloudnin

Perhaps use the "HIDE" command to determine if the missing objects are actually "below" other other obects either in real terms, or in terms of DRAWORDER?

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Betreff: some objects missing in DWG to PDF prints

09-04-2011 12:37 PM in reply to: cloudnin



I'm wondering that _PUBLISH works better than _PLOT :smileywink: in most cases it's the opposite way.

What ideas do I have for you to try:


1) within the DWG to DWF.PC3 try to change the setting for "text as graphic". That means that AutoCAD sends TEXT-like-objects (text, mtext, attribute-references, dimensiontexts...) as vectors to the PDF-file or as characters.

The first way (as vectors) does create PDF's that are larger (if a lot of text is in the drawing), but sometimes less problems while viewing in other applications.

The second way (as characters) does not work for every Text-Style-Setting (for example when widthfactor <> 1.0) and not for every font (only TTF could be exported as Characters), in these cases AutoCAD also exports them as vectors. But using text within PDF has the advantages to be smaller in file-size and also you can do a text-search within the pdf.


2) you can try to create a new DWG to PDF.PC3 from scratch, maybe your existing PC3-file has some settings not valid (or not very lucky set) for this situation. You can create new PC3-Files when starting the "add-plotter-wizard" within the plotter-manager.

You can also try to copy a PC3-file from another user (or you can try to plot on another machine) also.


3) as you wrote, that with Adobe-Printer you get always correct results I imagine that the problem is not depending of the DWG-file itself. However the color 255,255,255 is a little tricky for output-devices that normaly plot on white papers. So the output-renderer could see "white-on-white" and therefor ignores the characters to be sent to the plotting device. And knowing abount that problem my way of doing white colors on objects would be to change the (layer-) color to 240,240,240. Yes, you are right, that's not white, but in front of a dark background it's "whilte enough", isn't it?


Hope anything of the above tries helps!


- alfred -

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Betreff: some objects missing in DWG to PDF prints

09-04-2011 08:39 PM in reply to: Alfred.NESWADBA

OK, yes, I have tried all that you have suggested.  I tried to keep my post brief.  Believe me, I was baffled.


(Note on previous response, it wasn't a draw order thing, as I tried both changing the draw order a few different ways and making a new copy of the objects on top of the dark background, and there are no hidden objects.)


re: 1)  I tried making a new PC3, and I tried working with various text.  The font of the objects was Arial, which initially gave me an error in the printing about fonts.  Still, there are polyline objects in the mix-up, so it can't be a simple font problem.  Also, when I used the text as raster option, much of my text went missing.


re: 2)  See my possible solution below.  Your second comment sparked an idea.


re: 3)  I tried other colors and it didn't work.  I don't think it was the color that was the only problem.  There were also some inconsistent results when I made multiple prints of the file.  Something strange was going on.



Possible solution to try Tuesday when work starts: I will make sure that the network PC3 file is the most recent one released by AutoDesk with the ACA product.  Perhaps there is an update, and we're just carrying around an old PC3.  I'm wondering if the PC3 file in the plot dialog points to the network resource, while the publish dialog uses one on my machine that is from a newer install of the software.

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