AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Re: Slow / sluggish cursor

10-20-2009 02:58 PM in reply to: markzerlaut2215
I actually had some other software issues.
I ended up installing a new hard drive, reinstalled XP, and reinstalled AutoCAD 2010.
Problem went away.

A very rough way to fix the problem, but now I have a clean system, with just AutoCAD 2010, Revit Structure, and some Adobe software.
I've also built a seperate computer for all my email, internet, etc...

Thanks for all the input.

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Re: Slow / sluggish cursor

04-25-2010 01:41 PM in reply to: markzerlaut2215
I've tried all of the above, and still have the same problem... it's driving me insane! Didn't have the issue with 2009 or 2010. Now it's doing it with 2011. Any other suggestions?
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Re: Slow / sluggish cursor

04-26-2010 12:25 PM in reply to: markzerlaut2215
this problem is insane, i am having it only in certain files, and only when i use the "MA" command. files are all being saved as 2004 version files because other people in the office don't have 2010 yet. has anyone else had this?!?

going nuts in seattle.
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Re: Slow / sluggish cursor

05-11-2010 01:25 PM in reply to: markzerlaut2215
I'm in the same boat on 10 & 11. We are saving down to 2004 also so I wonder if it's got something to do with the older file format? One thing I have noticed is that the NVIDIA Performance drivers crash ACAD 2011 alot when trying to open old drawings. When I use the Autodesk driver it doesn't crash anymore. I am using an older computer with a Quadro FX3450 but others with an FX1700 have the same problems. I would like to install the new version throughout the office but how do you convince management to install something that has new features but worse performance then previous releases?
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Re: Slow / sluggish cursor

05-17-2010 03:35 PM in reply to: markzerlaut2215
I concur with Matistimo; I've had this problem with every version since 2008, which is why my office is still on 2008. We don't have the newest computers in the world (I have a dual-core Xeon, but most are Pentium-D's), but they run most things OK. My biggest gripe is that I'm in 2-D floor plans no more than 1.5 MB's that work wonderfully in 2008, an now they're a mess in 2011? That's wholly unacceptable. I really want to upgrae, but if this happens to a Principal, I'll get fired!

I will play with the layer dialog settings and such, but if that works, is there a way to set that in the network deployment, or do I have to reset it at every workstation? I just wish they'd fix the software to work on hardware that's barely 5 years old!
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Re: Slow / sluggish cursor

05-25-2010 08:59 AM in reply to: markzerlaut2215
I saw something on another blog that game me an idea on a similar issue we were trying to fix.

One of our folks here upgraded from AutoCAD 2010 to 2011 on a lower end machine and lower end video card. He has a dual monitor setup and is running both at a high resolution (1080). We found that AutoCAD was slamming the processor and becoming extremely sluggish when all or part of the AutoCAD window rolls onto the second monitor. If I lowered the resolution on the monitors, AutoCAD would progressively get better with each lower resolution setting.

To fix this problem, there is an icon on the lower/right of the AutoCAD 2011 window that allows you to Disable "Hardware Acceleration" and "Adaptive Degradation". We disabled these and the cursor worked great and the window was now responsive, even at the high setting he was originally using.

It seems as if Windows tends to allocate most of the video dard's resources to the primary monitor and the secondary monitor gets sluggish whatever AutoCAD 2011 has to render the window. It doesn't seem to be as much as an issue w/ AutoCAD 2010 and not sure what has changed. Edited by: w_merc on May 25, 2010 4:00 PM
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Re: Slow / sluggish cursor

05-25-2010 09:47 AM in reply to: markzerlaut2215
I had a similar problem until I added this line to my ACADDOC.lsp and it cured it: (setvar "ucsdetect" 0)
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Re: Slow / sluggish cursor

07-23-2010 08:20 AM in reply to: rcopen

Well done rcopen, I have been plagued with this on & off for months, with no obvious cause.


Thanks :smileyhappy:

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Re: Slow / sluggish cursor

01-06-2011 03:54 PM in reply to: markzerlaut2215

Try changing the color depth from 32 bit to 16 bit on your display.  You can find this under the display settings for your video card, under the "List All Modes" option on the adapter tab of your monitor's display (under Appearance and Themes in Control Panel or context-click on your desktop).  Hope this helps those of you who couldn't solve it from within AutoCAD.

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Re: Slow / sluggish cursor

01-30-2012 05:42 AM in reply to: markzerlaut2215

yes, type in 3dconfig and go to manual tune, then uncheck hardware acceleration fixes the problem.

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