AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Rotate UCS by Z-axis

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06-27-2012 02:25 PM

The behavior in AutoCAD 2012 has changed with regard to the UCS command. I am trying to rotate my UCS along the Z-axis.


In 2011, I could enter UCS [enter] Z [enter] then select 2 points on *any* line using ENDpoint osnaps to have the ucs rotate along the Z-axis at the angle of the selected line.


Now in 2012 when I enter UCS [enter] Z [enter], a rubber-band line displays anchored from a pre-selected point which appears to be the drawing origin, usually 0,0,0.  I am only allowed to select a single point, which results in the UCS NOT rotatating to match the line as before.


I am aware that I could now use the OBject option, and then select one end of the line.  This is fine except it does not work if I select a line that is part of an attached xref.  With the old method in 2011, I could select 2 points of *any* line.

I am also aware that I could "type" in a value in both cases above but that option is too time-consuming and error-prone.


Are there any legacy options available for the UCS command to make it work as before?  Or is there a way to override the UCS-Z command option to not pre-select the first point at the drawing origin?





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Re: Rotate UCS by Z-axis

06-27-2012 10:21 PM in reply to: spanqy

I also preferred the way UCS > Z worked in AutoCAD2011 vs the way it works in 2012-2013.  The change is no doubt due to the 2012 UCS icon being directly editable with grips.   I don't know if you can get the old behavior back, but here's a video showing several methods to get the same result.

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Re: Rotate UCS by Z-axis

06-29-2012 08:19 AM in reply to: nestly

That was a really well done little video.  I'm going to pass this info along. 

Thank you!

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Re: Rotate UCS by Z-axis

06-29-2012 10:24 AM in reply to: spanqy

After typing UCS, snap to the endpoint of your line, snap to the other endpoint.  Don't type Z in other words.




Use UCS, 3, pick the endpoints and an arbitrary Y point.




Grab the UCS and move it to the endpoint, grab the X axis grip and snap to the endpoint.



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Re: Rotate UCS by Z-axis

07-02-2012 07:54 AM in reply to: GrantsPirate

I like your first suggestion the most.  I will pass these on to my user's.



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Re: Rotate UCS by Z-axis

09-15-2012 09:44 AM in reply to: spanqy

The problem with this is if your points picked are not on the same plane in the x or y, your UCS will also rotate in on these axis and not just on the Z.  With the old command and selecting Z when rotating you did not have to worry about this.


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Re: Rotate UCS by Z-axis

09-19-2012 01:44 AM in reply to: cbodwin

when selecting the second point, use point filter to take only .XY of the point and for Z coordinate pick the first point again

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