AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Page Setup multiple 11x17 etc. setups

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01-25-2013 04:28 AM

I have a copy machine that staples automatically but i dont want it to staple all the time. I made two page setups 1 called toshiba 11x17 and one called 11x17 stapled. However every time i go into the properties for them whatever i do to one effects the other. I just want one to be stapled one to not be stapled and everything else to be identical. How do I accomplish this? Getting aggrivated!

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Re: Page Setup multiple 11x17 etc. setups

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I guess that you go more deep than AutoCAD saves the settings into a PC3, but therefor it stores the setting within the printer-driver settings instead. To proof that do the following steps:

a) goto Windows control panel ==> printers ==> open this printer-properties ( least that should be the same dialog you get when modifying the settings from AutoCAD..). Change here to not use "stapled", then close that dialog

b) start AutoCAD, then _PLOT (or _PAGESETUP, or PLOTTERMANAGER), select the plotter and go as deep as before to come to the setting for "stapled" ==> is it off now (I guess yes) ==> turn it ON and close the dialog

c) repeat like in a) to go to the poperties of the printer in Windows, I guess your option for "stapled" is now ON


If I'm right then you can't save this option in a PC3-file for AutoCAD. Therefore create a second printer/plotter in your Windows (that can connect to the same output-device, but has locally a different printer-name). Set the first Windows-printer to set the "staple"-option to ON, the other printer to "OFF".

Within AutoCAD you can then use one PC3 for the first Windows-printer, another PC3 for the second printer.


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