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10-18-2011 01:13 PM

How would one create a standard for line types, so as to get consistency regardless of CAD platform, AutoCAD or MicroStation? If I want a "hidden" line in AutoCAD to appear and plot identical to the "hidden" line appearing and plotting from MicroStation, is it as simple as creating line styles on the MicroStation side?

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Re: Linetypes

10-19-2011 07:24 AM in reply to: JeffBowlin

Look into the help file under customization for creating linetypes in AutoCAD.  They have come easy to me and for your help there are two commands under the express tools to assist you in creating custom linetypes.  As for as the Microstation way of creating linetypes you would have to reference that program.  I have used it in the past but never got to the point of creating linetypes in Micro.  I know when you import an AutoCAD into Micro, the AutoCAD linetypes go along with it.  HTH.

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Re: Linetypes

10-19-2011 09:51 AM in reply to: JeffBowlin

Also, OP are you familiar with CANNOSCALE?

If by some odd chance my nattering was useful -- that's great, glad to help. But if it actually solved your issue, then please mark my solution as accepted :smileyhappy:
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