AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Linetype shown on screen doesn't match what is shown in the LPM - AutoCAD 2012

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10-04-2011 12:16 AM



Nothing but grief.


I'm a new AutoCAD 2012 user, taking classes at a local community college.  I have now gotten to the point where it is impossible to get the linetype generated as I draw to match the linetype shown in the Layer Properties Manager (LPM)without editing it via Quick Properties.  This is true whether I am using the college system or my home system.


For example, the object layer is set to continuous (as shown in the LPM) but displays hidden.  I check the properties of the actual line and it shows hidden.  Nothing I have tried seems to fix the problem - I have to edit linetype at least once to move the linetype to the correct type.  Then I save the drawing and when I reopen it the linetype is back to hidden on the screen but continuous in LPM.


Driving me crazy having to take all the extra time to edit.


Fix suggestions requested.

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Re: Linetype shown on screen doesn't match what is shown in the LPM - AutoCAD 20

10-05-2011 06:22 AM in reply to: oleckliter

Many ways it shows differently, vpoverride, psltscale......

If you don't want grief, attach it here and people will show you exactly what's wrong.

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Re: Linetype shown on screen doesn't match what is shown in the LPM - AutoCAD 20

10-05-2011 09:31 AM in reply to: oleckliter

A student in a hurry lol. This sounds like a file you didn't create, OP, yesno? Because if it was, then you would have had to have drawn said lines with their linetype overridden in the first place. You can start in modelspace by selecting all and then in the LPM set their linetypes as ByLayer -- set their linetype scales collectively to 1 while you are there.


Next, set LTSCALE, MSLTSCALE, LTSCALE & CELTSCALE all to 1. Also, read up on CANNOSCALE. From 2008 onwards, this has been a key feature of annotation objects (including linetypes). If you want to draw for 1/4" scale in modelspace, you set your CANNOSCALE to that, for example. Modelspace is still 1:1, but CANNOSCALE affects how you view objects in modelspace, so they'll appear the same as they would in an identically-scaled paperspace viewport. You can change CANNOSCALES on the fly and it does no damage. But some people have been known to leave it at 1:1 and then wonder why a hidden linetype appears to be continuous in modelspace, while appearing correctly in paperspace...

If by some odd chance my nattering was useful -- that's great, glad to help. But if it actually solved your issue, then please mark my solution as accepted :smileyhappy:
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