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Re: Layers problem

06-23-2011 04:52 PM in reply to: jon.orchard
After many many emails back and forth with an autodesk subscription tech, and uninstalling autocad, and playing with everything we could think of, I never got the issue fixed. I am sure it is an autocad bug. I have noticed when the problem happens, I them use imediately use CLASSICLAYER and it works when exiting the layer manager. I give up for now and hope that a service pack will eventually be released. I will keep using 2012 because I like some of the new features and it seems more responsive.
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Re: Layers problem

06-24-2011 10:32 AM in reply to: callison


See this thread:


I think you're describing the same issue/bug.


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Re: Layers problem

06-24-2011 01:53 PM in reply to: callison

Perhaps the reason I never encountered the problem before was as the other thread mentioned, I always change the new layers properties before deciding what to name the layer. As soon as i did it the other way around i saw the problem. This should be a fairly easy fix for the programmers.

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Re: Layers problem

06-27-2011 08:18 AM in reply to: mmcmanus

I agree with the use of a profile switch with a known working profile in your software target.  The key component is “known working” profile that is not corrupt.  If you create a new User Account and then log in to run the software this should/will generate a stock configuration and clean profile with this new account and session.  Once you have a verified clean profile to start with you can then adjust as needed and give it a new name to export out the AWS file and save this in case your profile becomes corrupt again.  This would be created for a backup and reference so you will keep in a location outside of the current version of this file loaded up in your AutoCAD software.

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Re: Layers problem

06-27-2011 05:19 PM in reply to: jon.orchard

I havbe the same problem plus if the layer manager is open the system is very slow also the layer manager tool menu's are missing. eg: new layer etc.



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Re: Layers problem

07-01-2011 02:48 AM in reply to: callison

Thanks. This worked for me.

Renaming te and the Folder of my current profile the problem was fixed

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Re: Layers problem

07-01-2011 03:16 PM in reply to: tkaak

Thank you for your reply and I am glad to hear it worked.

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Re: Layers problem

10-17-2011 09:24 AM in reply to: jon.orchard

Hello folks,


I have had the same issue with colors and layers; for me it is intermittent problem.  In addition to that when I use the layer command I get a big black blob where my layernames and properties should be a AutoCAD 2012 development. I attached a printscrn of the issue.It is more prevalent since I started using a Windows 7 64 bit operating sytem


As a CAD manager it is affecting my productivity and driving me a little crazy.


Autodesk please help this damsel in distress :-(

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Re: Layers problem

11-16-2011 09:40 AM in reply to: elong


This problem is being looked at. I am following this problem very closely. I try to find these threads and reply so you at least can kind of understand the problem.

The problem is really (and the reason so few of you are reporting it) that you are just too fast and the layer dialog is not stopping you from being faster than it.

In the mean time, here are some things to try:

-When you are in the layer dialog, you create a new layer and it gives you the edit name field. Enter the name and I would guess you click directly from naming to color. Don't. Click from naming to just a blank part of the layer dialog. Then click to color. This has resolved most of our users problems.

-Wait a second between choosing a color and closing the layer manager. The updating takes half a second. Even if you do not follow my advice above and the layer manager has to both update the name and color at the same time. The faster computers never see this problem, but even on a terribly slow computer this updating takes a second or two.

-Push the apply button.

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Re: Layers problem

11-29-2011 09:28 AM in reply to: dan908

Hi dan908,


So glad to see your post.  This is exactly what I suspected as the problem and exactly what I told one of our drafters to do.  I have had this problem in past versions of AutoCAD and now she is experiencing the problem in AutoCAD 2012.  We rarely run into this because we use standard layers.  So when we have to create a new layer, it's not often.  I told her that I felt as if I was doing things too fast and if I slowed down it kept the settings.  So this is what we are doing for now.  If there is a fix or update to resolve this problem, please post on here so that we are made aware of it. 



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