AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Layer States

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10-20-2011 09:57 AM

Hi Everyone,


Thank you all for all the help you have give me on my previous posts, it is greatly appreciated.


I am not that familiar with Layer States and how you can save them... or change them for that matter.

In the dwg i am currently working on, someone has created a Layer that has all the info on it... But when i click on the Layer Pull-Down menu, i am only able to see the one layer that everything is saved to...

Is there a way i can see all the layers when i click on the Layer Pull-Down menu?


Or is there a better way to navigate between different layers?


I look forward to any help you can give me.




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Re: Layer States

10-20-2011 10:30 AM in reply to: LegoArchitect

Think of layer state as a restore point.

Some layers Off, some On, Colors, it with a name

then have some more Layers, different colors,   etc........         save it with another name.


Very usefull when you have a project in many phases (Demo, new, addition....)





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Re: Layer States

10-20-2011 12:06 PM in reply to: LegoArchitect

Go into the layer manager and pick All to show all layers, exit.  Now try the layer pull down you refered to.

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