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Re: How or what to quote

08-06-2012 11:44 AM in reply to: pendean

I thought of one other possible context - a friend has asked you to do this work because they know that you know something about AutoCAD.


You can work up an estimate and then tell them IF they accept the work and the rate that they will pay you After the job is done.  Note the IF, and, After



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Re: How or what to quote

08-06-2012 12:27 PM in reply to: JDMather

of course the OP lacks experience, that's why he's asking.  experience however, does not equal ability.  How else does one gain experience, except by doing?  Were you born with the expertise you now posess, or did you jump in the deep end and learn to swim?


 Note that, (according to him) his instructor referred him, obvisously thinking he's capable of performing the task.  secondly, he's not freelancing for consumer's - he's being asked to provide drawings for an architect, who has professional responsibility for the drawings.   From here, it doesn't look that different than being the junior drafter in the archie's office, except no benefits, no cubicle to sit in, fewer resources, and lot's more risk.  (If the architect needs work done, why not bring him on-board, even as a temp?  planning to shortchange the bill?  or defer paying him?


To the OP, good luck,  plan on putting in 60-80 hrs/week, anly billing 40

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Re: How or what to quote

08-07-2012 10:07 AM in reply to: rjgonzalez40



I don’t think anybody is questioning your CAD abilities; it’s your inexperience in the discipline that causes us to question your intentions. Since you are going to be working for an architect, not just playing one on YouTube, you might be in a position to provide drawings that the Architect will sign and seal. Working as a consultant is fraught with perils that ‘just trying to survive in this economy’ will be difficult to overcome. You need to establish yourself as a small business with insurance in order to limit exposure should you wind up in court. You need to find out what the going rates are for drafting consultants so you can try to be competitive.


Your best bet would be to approach the Architect with a letter of recommendation from your instructor and express to him or her just what your aspirations are and see if you can make some kind of arrangement other than a bid for the work. If the firm is under a deadline and doesn’t have the time to work with you, you’ll have to try another approach, maybe even doing a project gratis to establish your abilities in exchange for guidance in the way things are done. Without any real experience, your bid will probably be rejected. Rather than setting you up for failure, please consider my suggestion about approaching the Architect to form an alternative relationship.

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