AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012


Re: How do you prefer to access the Autodesk Discussion Groups?

06-02-2010 02:35 PM in reply to: *Tony Tanzillo
Actually that is a benefit I hadn't thought of. Good point!

Re: How do you prefer to access the Autodesk Discussion Groups?

06-02-2010 04:40 PM in reply to: *Tony Tanzillo

I strongly disapprove your statements and even if I can get over the
name calling I believe there is censorship and I really dislike when
post is removed by "administrator/moderator" without any followup note.

there was a post on 5/18/2010 from "RobertoTomarchio8050" with header"

After Updating to AutoCAD version 11 the program will not start and reboots.
I have replied to asking more clarification as the poster indicated that
he is "Autodesk Product Support" member.

I have never seen any reply to my post, instead the original post and my
post were just deleted. I would understand the move if there was a post
from moderator that the original post was bogus or anything. but no
explanation was given. So I am not sure why is this happening.
If the software has some issues, sweeping it under carpet serves no
purpose, don't you agree?

P.S. My signature doesn't include true email, sorry. wondering how long
will this last.

ohh and here is my post what was offending in this?:
I need more input please.
are you saying this is happening during the installation process only as
you are referring in the body of your message or any time after the
installation as your Header is indicating?
I have no access to 2011 for next week or so. in any case this needs a
hot fix ASAP and if the latter is true then 2011 is red flagged in my view.

On 6/1/2010 6:01 PM, Matt Kolberg wrote:
> I think the people who get censored generally deserve it for being dicks. I
> have no problem with that. If you get censored simply because you tout the
> other product (which I believe is rare), then I have a problem with it.
*Matt Kolberg
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Re: How do you prefer to access the Autodesk Discussion Groups?

06-02-2010 04:58 PM in reply to: *Tony Tanzillo
[... I strongly disapprove your statements and even...]

I didn't call you a dick. What I meant to say was that some people have
been dicks on these forums and if they're posts are removed for reasons of
swearing or personal attacks, I have no trouble with that.

I have no idea why your post would have been removed. Is it possible it was
a technical error that your post was suddenly not there? I can't imaging
the administrator would remove it based on the text you pasted into your

Matt Kolberg
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