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Hidden Line in Viewport Problem

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07-31-2009 07:56 AM
Before I start:

LTSCALE = 0.375

I am having an issue with certain objects placed in the viewports that are not showing up as hidden lines even though they show up correctly in model space. Once they are in the viewport some show as hidden lines and other do not. I am attaching an image of a viewport that shows items on the same layer, one is showing as hidden lines the other for some reason will not. Please help!
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Re: Hidden Line in Viewport Problem

07-31-2009 10:25 AM in reply to: dvanerem
Could it be that the linetype is set different for that layer within the Viewport?
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Re: Hidden Line in Viewport Problem

08-01-2009 05:18 AM in reply to: dvanerem
OK no need to stress.

Set your PSLTSCALE to 0. This will make all your LT's adapt to whatever scale your VP is. So, if you have the VP at a scale of 2:1 then the LT's will also be scaled down to suit.

I don't know why you've changed your LTSCALE to .375 (maybe trying to trouble shoot the issue?), but your better off leaving that at 1. But f you have a reason for doing so just leave it how it is. The adjustment of that PSLTSCALE just needs to be changed to 0.

Hope that helped.. Let me know how it goes!!!
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Re: Hidden Line in Viewport Problem

08-03-2009 07:05 AM in reply to: dvanerem
This did not work. We have always had the PSLTSCALE set to '1' and our LTSCALE set to .375. It was not until we updated that we started having problems with these drawings. Notice in the image that I attached on my first post in the same viewport things on the same layer are showing up differently. Also I have hidden lines that are showing up correctly and just the sink lines are not. I cannot get them to show. Even if I make a new circle and match properties from the arc that is showing hidden in the image to the circle it still does not show up correctly.
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Re: Hidden Line in Viewport Problem

08-03-2009 08:28 AM in reply to: dvanerem
Hi. I did a little investigating on my own drawing, and here's what I found:
1. Perhaps the key lies in going into modelspace, and setting the scale for that (check the scale list) and select the scale you expect the linetypes to show up at first. I chose 1/4" = 1'-0" because that is the smallest that some of our current work shows at (for newbs, you still draw in 1:1 scale -- this is just a display factor for linetypes in modelspace).
2. PSLTSCALE is either 0 or 1. If you have 2 or more paperspace viewports at different scales, and you want the linetypes to appear the same size in both/all, set this to 1. If you don't, then the same linetype in a 1/4" scaled viewport will look twice as large in a 1/2" scaled viewport.
3. MSLTSCALE is either 0(off) or 1(on). Turning it on will make the linetype you draw in modelspace look the same scale as it will appear in paperspace, as well as in paperspace viewports (that is, providing you set your modelspace scale and turn on your PSLTSCALE variable).
4. CELTSCALE is for drawing new objects, and should be set to 1 for most applications. Only in the case of not finding anything satisfactory for a particular application (see item 5 below) should you change the CELTSCALE. However, you should remember to reset it to 1 immediately after drawing the object you needed it changed for in the first place.
5. LTSCALE is the global linetype scale factor, and is initially set to 1. Changing this changes the linetype scale of all previously drawn objects, so I wouldn't recommend it if you are well along into an existing drawing. Certain linetypes that come with AutoCAD already have small, medium and large versions to choose from, and the smart thing would be to test out which ones look best for which applications. Only if none of these seem to work for you, should you fiddle with the global scale. I still wouldn't though. I'd either pick one that is close and use the CELTSCALE variable, or better yet, define a linetype that does suit your needs, and leave the abovementioned variables at their recommended settings.
Okay that was really in case newbies were looking, but perhaps there was a step i there that the OP may have overlooked. One guess I would have may be that the questionable objects' linetypes were overridden with a different linetype scale?
I hope my info was useful, but if by some odd chance it actually solved your issue, feel free to mark your post as "Accept as Solution". Thanks! :smileyhappy:
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Re: Hidden Line in Viewport Problem

08-03-2009 10:16 AM in reply to: dvanerem
So the small circle in the image (labeled "correct") displays the same is ms and ps but the large circle does not? If yes, I don't now if there's an answer and again, I put my money on bug. Spin the wheel. Submit it to support if you have an active subscription. (They are unusually busy at this time so it may take longer than usual to get a reponse.)

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Re: Hidden Line in Viewport Problem

12-08-2009 09:34 AM in reply to: dvanerem
I would like to repy to this thread as well.
As an example, I draw a circle in model space. This circle is drawn on a layer whose linetype is HIDDEN. System variables are the following:

When this circle is viewed in a paperspace viewport, it shows up as a hidden line (dashed). When this drawing is printed to either hard copy or PDF, or viewed in Preview, the circle will show as a continuous line. This effect is also true for arcs. Splines and polylines are NOT affected.

What I have discovered is that setting SHADEPLOT to Hidden in the MVIEW command (MVIEW / Shadeplot / Hidden) and selecting the viewport will cause the hidden line in the circle and the arc to print as a continuous line. This behavior is new to me in AutoCAD 2010 (we skipped 2008 and 2009 here). What I think is happening is that the SHADEPLOT selection is hiding the area inside the circle (as it always as, even as the old HIDEPLOT selection always did) and is now giving the circle a continuous edge for "hiding" purposes. However, why this would also affect arcs (which DON'T hide objects behind them) is beyond me, so my analysis falls apart at that point.

This is a problem for me, since I shade ALL my viewports as hidden (I do quite a bit of 3D drawing). The only workaround I have at hand will allow arcs to print as hidden lines: I can convert them to polylines with the PEDIT command, and they no longer show up as continuous lines when the viewport shadeplot is set to Hidden. For circles, I half to break them into two or more arcs and then convert the arcs to polylines with PEDIT.

This is only for the Hidden setting in SHADEPLOT. The visual styles (3d wireframe, 3dhidden, conceptual, realistic) all work as expected. I suspect that this bug in the Hidden setting is not a priority, as the Hidden setting may be discontinued in future releases of AutoCAD. However, I rely on this setting quite a bit, as I do a lot of 3D drawings for the trade show industry. Using any of the visual styles for my work would be inappropriate and a bit overkill, not to mention the burden it puts on the processor, so using the Hidden setting (the old HIDEPLOT command) is in my best interest. I would think that most CAD operators would want HIDEPLOT to continue as a viable option, if only for maintaining older drawings.

Therefore, I believe this is a bug, and needs to be addressed by the AutoCAD programming team.
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Re: Hidden Line in Viewport Problem

09-28-2011 11:14 AM in reply to: jsmith

Has anyone found a work around for this problem yet? I'm have the same issues with several drawings.

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Re: Hidden Line in Viewport Problem

09-28-2011 11:22 AM in reply to: rangermonk

Can you post the drawing?  What settings do you have for LTSCALE? PSLTSCALE?

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Re: Hidden Line in Viewport Problem

09-28-2011 11:36 AM in reply to: azrdgldr

LTSCALE = 1.000




I changed both MSLTSCALE & PSLTSCALE to 1, but it didn't have any effect. The same problem applies to me where this only happens when I change my shademode for my vports to HIDDEN.


Only happens in my plot preview and in my plots. The actual dwg shows up correct.

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