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Re: file size

04-10-2012 10:37 AM in reply to: jerome.chamfray

I finally have a solution :smileyhappy:


The steps are as follow:

  • Remove the hidden blocks
  • Remove registered applications
  • export the dwg as a dxf format
  • close the dwf file
  • reopen the dxf file
  • purge the file
  • save back as dwg


See below my final codes for the entire directory:

Sub PurgeEverything()
'Make sure that you also have a blank drawing open in the backgroung
'A Sub Folder "export" in the MyPath Directory must be present


Dim MyFile, MyPath, MyName

MyPath = "C:\Directory\"    ' Set the path.

' Returns filename with specified extension. If more than one *.ini
' file exists, the first file found is returned.
MyFile = Dir(MyPath + "*.dwg")
' Call Dir again without arguments to return the next *.INI file in the
' same directory.

Do While MyFile <> ""    ' Start the loop.
    ' Ignore the current directory and the encompassing directory.
    If MyFile <> "." And MyFile <> ".." Then
        ' Use bitwise comparison to make sure MyName is a directory.
        If (GetAttr(MyPath & MyFile) And vbDirectory) = vbDirectory Then
            Debug.Print MyFile    ' Display entry only if it
        End If    ' it represents a directory.
    End If

''open the drawing
ThisDrawing.Application.Documents.Open (MyPath + MyFile)

'Wait for a second
SendKeys "{ESC}", True
Dim PauseTime, Start, Finish, TotalTime
    PauseTime = 1    ' Set duration.
    Start = Timer    ' Set start time.
    Do While Timer < Start + PauseTime
        DoEvents    ' Yield to other processes.


''Purge all the blocks

'Sub PurgeBlocks()
Dim ssBlocks As AcadBlocks
Dim oObj As Object
Dim oBlock As AcadBlock

Set ssBlocks = ThisDrawing.Blocks
        Debug.Print "There are ", ssBlocks.Count, " blocks in the drawing database"
        For Each oObj In ssBlocks
            If TypeOf oObj Is AcadBlock Then
                Set oBlock = oObj
                Debug.Print oBlock.Name,
                If oBlock.IsLayout = False Then
                    On Error Resume Next
                    If Err <> 0 Then
                        Debug.Print Err.Description
                        Debug.Print "has been purged"
                    End If
                End If
                On Error GoTo 0
            End If
'Verify registered apps when drawing loads
'Private Sub VerifyRegistered_Apps()
Dim oRegApp As AcadRegisteredApplication
Dim oRegApps As AcadRegisteredApplications
Dim colBadApps As Collection
Dim strMSG As String
Dim i As Integer

'get the current collection of registered apps
Set oRegApps = ThisDrawing.RegisteredApplications

' start a new collection for bad apps
Set colBadApps = New Collection

' review each registered application
For Each oRegApp In oRegApps
'Debug.Print oRegApp.Name
' if there's a "*" in the name, **** good chance it's BAD!
If InStr(1, oRegApp.Name, "*") > 0 Then
colBadApps.Add oRegApp.Name
End If

' if we found some bad apps, report them!
If colBadApps.Count > 0 Then
'build list of bad ones
For i = 1 To colBadApps.Count
strMSG = strMSG & colBadApps.Item(i) & vbNewLine

'display the bad news
MsgBox "There's a good chance this drawing has corruputed data!" & vbNewLine & _
End If

Set colBadApps = Nothing
Set oRegApp = Nothing
Set oRegApps = Nothing

''Purge the drawing

Dim FileName As String
Dim FileLoc As String
Dim FullPath As String
Dim NewFullPath As String

''Export the drawing as a dxf
FileLoc = ThisDrawing.Path
FileName = ThisDrawing.Name

FullPath = FileLoc + "\export\" + FileName

ThisDrawing.SaveAs FullPath, ac2010_dxf

NewFullPath = ThisDrawing.Path + "\" + ThisDrawing.Name

''Close the drawing

''Reopen the dxf drawing
ThisDrawing.Application.Documents.Open (NewFullPath)

'Wait for a second
SendKeys "{ESC}", True
    PauseTime = 1    ' Set duration.
    Start = Timer    ' Set start time.
    Do While Timer < Start + PauseTime
        DoEvents    ' Yield to other processes.
'' Purge the drawing

''Save the dxf as dwg
ThisDrawing.SaveAs FullPath, acNative


 MyFile = Dir    ' Get next drawing entry.


End Sub

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Re: file size

04-12-2012 02:40 AM in reply to: Alfred.NESWADBA

Thanks for the useful info....

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