AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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dimension text grip edit reduces line spacing

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06-27-2011 05:12 PM


I've searched for this for a while now and found nothing, so I'm hoping maybe I am doing something wrong.  Thanks for any assistance.:smileyhappy:

If I place a dimension and have text above and below the dimension line (using \X), and then grip edit the dimension text to move it for space/clarity on plans, the text above and below the line will mysteriously move closer to the line.  If I have backgrounds applied to the text, which I normally do, the backgrounds will cover the line. Even without the background, it looks odd next to other dimensions that were not grip edited. Any Ideas? Thanks.

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Re: dimension text grip edit reduces line spacing

01-29-2013 09:37 AM in reply to: rick.hberg

Not exactly a solution but to get the text back to it's original position with proper spacing above and below dimension line:


Click on the text grip, right click then select RESET TEXT POSITION.


Unfortunately, if you move the text grip anywhere else the spacing gets messed up.

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