AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Data to Oracle Table

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10-24-2011 05:35 AM



We are looking to integrate Oracle and AutoCAD.

Has anyone been successfull in this integration and is so how is it accomplishable in AutoCAD 2011/2012?



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Re: Data to Oracle Table

10-24-2011 03:15 PM in reply to: rchsteyn86

Vanilla AutoCAD?

I was doing it with AutoCAD MAP3D since 2008 versions with no problems. What type of data are you wanting to have in Oracle?


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Re: Data to Oracle Table

12-01-2011 01:42 AM in reply to: rchsteyn86

Hi! I have Problems connecting AutoCAD 2012 to Oracle, can you describe the steps that should be followed? Any extra option required?



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Re: Data to Oracle Table

12-14-2011 03:55 AM in reply to: davidcrespo1984

I am also having severe connectivity issues from AutoDESK Map 3D 2012 to the Oracle Database. All I need is a connection from AutoDESK Map3D to a customized view in Oracle Property Manager. The steps being followed are -

- Configure Data Source

- Use Connection Provider as Oracle Provider for OLE DB.

- Enter the Data Source

- Enter Username & Password

- Test the connection.


The Test Connection works instantly. No problems with that..However after this, when I try to Attach a Data Source with the newly created Data Link (udl) file - it takes atleast 45 minutes just to establish a connection.

-          The version of the Database I am trying to connect is - RDBMS :


Is there anything that can be done to speed up this connection. All I am trying to do is open a Floor Plan in AutoDESK Map3D and then connect to the related custom view in Oracle Database (Oracle Property Manager)....


Should I be using any other Provider to speed up  this connection issue or am I missing any step....


Desperate help needed Please...


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