AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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data extraction update

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09-16-2011 04:42 AM

What is wrong with the data extraction tables? Why won't they update correctly? If I make changes to the blocks and then try to update the table, I get an error about some of the referenced drawings being not found... this is crazy, all the blocks are in the current drawing... then the whole table disappears.

I have been using data extraction since 1990 and this is ridiculous. I finally got people here to use them and this happens. Does anybody out there have any ideas for me??

Much appreciated.

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Re: data extraction update

09-16-2011 03:10 PM in reply to: samspade

Do you have a file that you can share with us to see and test?




You can extract property data from objects in drawings and export the output to a table or to an external file.


Using the Data Extraction wizard, you select objects and their properties from which to extract data and save the parameters in a file. You can also combine the extracted data with information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Using table styles, you can quickly create a pre-formatted table that has a title and column labels.


When the extracted data is no longer current with the drawing, you can be notified that the table needs to be updated.

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Re: data extraction update

09-20-2011 09:02 AM in reply to: MichaelBussiere2

I've requested before, and I request again:  Please! bring back the OLD data extract command functionality.  Even if as a seperate command.  It worked great as it was for my purposes, which is to make simple BOM tables on fabrication drawings.  Attribute blocks served as the part tag and populated the table.  There was no need for seperate parameter files for each and every drawing in the set, and no need to rebuild the table when a block was added or removed.  A completed drawing could be simply saved-as a new name and with some minor edits and an update it was done.  Currently, using save-as, the table must be deleted and rebuilt from scratch making another parameter file.  A lot of work.  This version of the data extract command is really not suited for this work flow.  It is better suited for maintaining one large table of data from a collection of drawings - which it is good at.  We still need the old version as well.


my two cents,



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Re: data extraction update

09-21-2011 01:18 PM in reply to: MichaelBussiere2

As i mentioned - I am no stranger to data extractions, I have been using them regularly for over 20 years. These issues are new and are driving me crazy. I have downloaded some literature from the Autodesk University site on extractions and I will go thru that hoping to glean some bit of information.

I have been AutoCAD's biggest fan for many years... hate it when bad things happen to good programs.

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Re: data extraction update

09-23-2011 09:34 AM in reply to: samspade

Probably what wasn't being found was the .dxe that's created when you generate a data extraction. I was able to recreate your table (updated) with no problem by creating a new data extraction.

To fix your problem, open the External References pallet and in the Details pane repath to your .dxe file even it the reported path appears correct.

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Re: data extraction update

09-23-2011 10:52 AM in reply to: W2CAD

well i shall try that... i have checked and the path was always correctly found, but as you say, i shall try to repath it anyways.




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