AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Cursor Disappears

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06-27-2012 03:07 PM

So I've been having this issue and it's happening more and more frequently. In the middle of working in a drawing the cursor disppears. It lets me click items in the ribbon, and to close out the drawing or menu items, but the crosshairs in the model/paper space are gone. The only fix I've been able to do is to close the drawing and re-open it again. It's totally annoying for software that cost so much. It totally kills any type of productity that I have. Is there a fix other then having to stop what I'm doing, save my work and close and re-open the file? It's happening at least 3-5 times per day.


Thanks for any input!!

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Re: Cursor Disappears

06-27-2012 03:39 PM in reply to: c0mat0ast

Try hovering where your crosshairs should be over the On-screen Viewport Cotrols (top left of drawing). ~ Mary

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Re: Cursor Disappears

06-27-2012 04:49 PM in reply to: c0mat0ast

It gives me the cursor, but as soon as I move off the viewport controls the cursor disappears and the crosshairs are gone?

Could this be a video card issue? Under the performance tuning when I check for updates it it says thaat updates are available but then when I try to update them it says I don't have write permissions. I have network connections, and system admin on my computer. Not sure what else I can do for this to go through. I've tried manually updating my video drivers and it says that they are up to date. My computer is 5 years old and so I'm wondering if the video card is just starting to have issues with the latest release of Autocad.


Thanks for any input!

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Re: Cursor Disappears

09-27-2012 08:47 AM in reply to: c0mat0ast

Same problem here on multiple computers.


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Re: Cursor Disappears

09-27-2012 12:17 PM in reply to: c0mat0ast

If your PC is 5 years old, the video card itself may be outdated regardless of the drivers installed.  Search for the list of supported card per software and see if yours is on the list.



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Re: Cursor Disappears

10-10-2012 05:43 AM in reply to: c0mat0ast

If you have windows 7 hover over the AutoCAD button that is pinned on the windows toolbar and it will expand to show you all of the windows open. Sometimes there will be a hidden error message about your video card timing out and all you have to do is hit OK and will boot it back up. The hidden message will disappear if you restart AutoCAD and you would typically not see the error message.

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Re: Cursor Disappears

05-09-2013 11:22 AM in reply to: c0mat0ast

1-yr old computer, new NVIDIA Quadro K5000D Video Card, 32GB RAM & cursor still radomly disappears.


I've noticed that there might be pattern occuring when utilizing the Mouse Roller ball & attempting to Scroll (Zoom).


It occurs in MODEL TAB with multiple Viewport Configuration when I want to swap from one view to another & then Scroll (Zoom) out.


It also occurs in a Layout Tab with multiple Viewports & attempting to swap from Model Space to Paper Space & attempt to Scroll (Zoom) in or out.


This is becoming very frustrating & wasting my time.

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Re: Cursor Disappears

05-10-2013 05:46 AM in reply to: c0mat0ast

I have the same problem.

Somehow, I discovered that if I have the cursor showing up in the Ribbons, if I move to the ZOOM REALTIME button, click, zoom in or out, then hit ESC, my on screen cursor returns.

I have to do that a few times each day, but it works.

Try it; you'll like it.

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Re: Cursor Disappears

04-24-2014 11:25 AM in reply to: audiocycle

I experience the same in PAPERSPACE.  Clicking the model tab, entering model space, then clicking the paperspace tab usually fixes it.

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