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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash!

08-09-2010 10:38 AM in reply to: melamb13
As has been posted here several times, your resller is your first line of support. However, if you're lucky, someone here may provide some support.
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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash!

08-09-2010 11:22 PM in reply to: melamb13

login to the support page and send a support request, they are suppose to respond within 1 working day or they certainly do in this part of the world. you are unlikely to get an immediate answer but once the dialogue has started the support guys are usually good and at some point usually come up with a solution.

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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash!

08-10-2010 04:42 AM in reply to: Randy_Culp

Thanks guys, I called my reseller yesterday and still have not heard back from them. I will submit a request later today if I don't hear from the reseller or they can't resolve it.


I've been using AutoCad (Softdesk/LDD) since '95 and don't ever recall being this frustrated!

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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash!

09-23-2010 10:15 AM in reply to: randyyoung
sir!!! my autocad crashes! especially when I copy objects in multiples. it often happens! what shoul i do to stop this? im using 2011. my processor is iintel i5,4gb ram, 500gb hardisk, 2gb videocard! HELP!!!!
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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash!

10-27-2010 11:04 AM in reply to: TrevN



I have the same problem.

Here’s the weird thing.


I looked into my graphics card, and i have a supported card.

I searched the cards on the site you attached in this post, and found that it is a recommended card as well as supported.


Attached is a screen shot of my results. 


Is there anything else that could be the problem to CAD 11’ crashing on my MAC?

I also get the program to freeze somehow. But it doesnt just freeze, it blanks out, and comes back up in a matter of seconds. 

It’s weird. Any ideas? 



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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash!

09-20-2011 09:47 PM in reply to: Timothydes

hi please do me too

I have had nothing but hassles with crashes

below is the attached 3dconfig file



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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash!

09-21-2011 05:37 PM in reply to: Automarcus

I nearly lost my job over this.

they assumed it was user error as no one else had the guts to complain.

so they offered me councelling.


now the whole company is having problems. (global company)


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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash!

09-22-2011 01:48 PM in reply to: Automarcus

Hi Autofatalerror,


My name is Justin I work on the AutoCAD Test Development team. (I am trying to get someone to associate my user name as an employee currently).


Perhaps you have already tried this suggestion, but the release which was last certified by us at Autodesk on XP for the Quadro FX 1700 on AutoCAD 2011 was the NVIDIA Quadro: 265.70 Driver Release. I personally would uninstall your 267 driver, reboot, Install the 265 Driver, reboot.


Download Links:

XP 32 -

XP 64 -


Looking in our database, your graphics device and OS combination has been disabled by our hardware tuner for several NVIDIA driver releases in the past due to its instablity., releases to be exact. Using uncertified drivers with this device is probably not a good idea due to the stablity problems seen in the past.


Hope this Helps!!


Best Regards,

Justin Chase
Software Quality Assurance Engineer
PSEB-AutoCAD Products-Engineering    

Autodesk, Inc.


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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash!

09-29-2011 11:06 PM in reply to: jchase123

Hi Justin

If its something that needs admin access to install then i cant do anything with it.

I even have to get my boss to email IT helpline for me as they ignore my emails.


I have started taking multivitamins with an anti-stress additive, now when my collegues complain of PC crashes (it must be contagious) i just laugh and think the day will be over soon.... what else can i do?


I have resigned to become institutionalised like the others here and not complain about our useless tools we need to do our jobs.

Thanks for your help though.

I really give up


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Re: Crash, Crash, Crash!

07-06-2012 10:08 AM in reply to: Automarcus

I'm at my wits end too.
I work as IT support for a mid-sized company. We have a handful of user that template design with Autodesk LT 2010 (and some on 2011)

One particular user contacted me as his system was crashing all the time. we narrowed it down to when he tries to save a file. It's not 100% repeatable as it is intermittent, but it does seem to near the 50%+ mark.

I ran sfc /scannow (no errors)

I ran chkdsk (no errors)

I replaced his HD


Errors still persist. I've found ooldes of potenstial solutions that refer to out of date dirvers to Antivirus (Norotn 360 in particular). We do use Norton Endpoint but the solutions described are specific to 360 and as such we cannot follow the process to alleviate. Norton had me on hold for hours then disconencted on me. And my biggest beef is trying to find help from Autodesk/CAD through their website. there are zero contact numbers for end user to call and no links to open live chat windows. I was forced to create an account on this website just to post dissatisfaction with their products/services.

If I had any say over which software we use I would certainly recommend a more userfriendly For $1200 a copy you'd think it would be the cream of the crop in all aspects.

I have to agree with the poster above mine. Take some stress-relieving pills and forget about the fact you are unable to perform your daily job functions. Move on and hope for the best. i may be forced to look for another job if I'm being seen as the one as inadequate as the majority of other users are able to use their software just fine, so thus it must be me.


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