AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Re: Command line use often resizes drawing window!

09-14-2011 04:23 PM in reply to: norm77

norm77 wrote:

 I have dynamic input turned off (Just like the old keyboard entry way a bit better I guess).

It sounds like you have something activating the ALT function, but I don't have any idea where to start.  Maybe turn ON Dynamic Input so you can isolate whether it's the "Shift+@ combination, or the @+hypen combination.  With Dynamic Input on, you can use the @ symbol, but you don't need to because Dynamic Input defaults to relative coords for th 2nd point and it puts it there for you.

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Re: Command line use often resizes drawing window!

09-15-2011 03:10 PM in reply to: nestly

Hi All. It appears that the sticky "ALT" key might be a software issue rather than a hardware issue. I have found it possible to reproduce the problem on purpose... which is just as painful!

What happens is I have accidently pressed the ALT key but not used it. (i have fat, unco-ordinated fingers, maybe you do too...)


Long explanation follows...

When the ALT key is pressed, the window displays lines under the letter of every keyboard option on the Menu Bar and the mouse pointer will change to the windows type arrow pointer.

 BUT you do not notice because you are able to continue working at that point in time because you click on the screen with the mouse and select something or what ever. The extra mouse click doesn't register because we click so often.

Because you clicked with your mouse, the window indicates that the ALT key is no longer in operation - the Menu Bar goes back to normal and the mouse resumes to cross hairs.

BUT the kicker is that while all the ALT+ functions go back to being dormant, the only one that remains active is the "-" minus key. And that combo (ALT+ "-") has the same effect as right clicking on the Title Bar. THen, the next numbers and comma you type is ignored and you press enter, which selects Restore.. and that resizes your window.


Curiously, it doesn't happen if you add some MText or DText and type a "-", but will happen after you finish the text command and continue drawing.


It also occurs if you double click on a layout tab to rename it and use a "-" in the name.


Solutions that work for me..

If you notice you have pressed the ALT key, press the ALT key again immediately .. rarely happens becasue Im in the zone...

If you are working slow enough and manage to spot the menu come up before you type your numbers and press enter, then you can press the ALT key again and continue on your way.

I haven't worked out what combination of ESC key and mouse clicks can fix it. I am going batty giving myself this problem on purpose to figure it out!


Hope it helps. and i hope autodesk can explain/fix

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Re: Command line use often resizes drawing window!

09-16-2011 05:51 AM in reply to: tfriesen

   I think that tfriesen has figured it out!  I'm not sure how I would be pressing the ALT key (maybe I have fat fingers and didn't know it!!), but when I replicate what you mentioned - I get the same annoying result.  Having said that, I've also found that if I hit ENTER when the dialog box opens to restore the window size, that it doesn't clear the "ALT Condition", and if i maximize the view and repeat any command with the '-' minus key; then the dialog box will reappear.  I've found that I can continuously loop this condition if I want - so that means that it isn't clearing.

  I have found that the solution to this problem appears that if you press the ALT key twice it activates (as if the "ALT condition" isn't active), and then clears it - every time!  (so good)  AHA!


Thanks everyone!!

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Re: Command line use often resizes drawing window!

09-21-2011 03:24 PM in reply to: tfriesen

We discussed this same issue:


Solution I came up with was to do a quick save Alt+F+S. When the file's done saving the dash option for resizing the window goes away. I also found out that this happened most when I used Alt+Tab to jump from Windows program to Windows program. Pressing the Alt key left the "-" option open.


However; yesterday I installed ASD2011 Service Pack 3 and I have not had the issue, nor can I recreat the issue. Don't know if this is a fluke or if there was some fix in the service pack. Only time will tell...

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Re: Command line use often resizes drawing window!

07-27-2012 05:59 AM in reply to: DP-Mike

Well...I've found out that the "work around" from qupola ( doesn't seem to work for me at all, and I'm running XP - so I can't switch to using the Windows button+tab.  I'm stuck with every time I switch programs (alt+tab), and return to ACAD2011 I will have the menu pop up when the minus/dash key is pressed.  Pressing esc or alt will get rid of the menu until I switch between programs again...I wish that Autodesk would just fix the problem, as I don't expect to get a new version until 2013 or 2014.



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