AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Autocad Licence not running on some machines

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08-22-2011 12:37 AM

Hello All,


I have 125 users autodesk product licnce server from where Autocad 2011 license is working on 25 machines in a lab of 30 computers from which 5 machines are not able to run the licenced autocad 2011 I reformatted the machines but the problem remains same. I made changes in /system32/drivers/etc/host file also to access the server by name insted of ip but it wont work. When I startted the Autocad 2011 it gives error 0.0.0 "  a valid license could not be optained by network licence manager"

Plz tell me what should I do ??

is there any change i have to do on server site or client site ???

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Re: Autocad Licence not running on some machines

08-22-2011 07:25 AM in reply to: esudip

I've always found this explanation helpful:



When a client machine starts a network version of an Autodesk® software product that uses the FLEXlm® based version of the Autodesk® License Manager (AdLM), it first reads the environment variable ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE to determine where to look for its network license. If the servers specified by ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE are not available, or are out of licenses, the client reads the following subkey in the Windows® registry to determine where to look next:


If no available licenses are found at the server specified in the registry subkey, or this registry subkey does not exist, the client reads the licpath.lic file located in the root install folder to determine where to find its network license. If no available licenses are found there, the License Finder dialog box is displayed.


I delete the licpath.lic file and rely on the ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE environment variable when nothing else works.


You shouls also post to They address Licencing there directily and it's monitored by AutoDesk.



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Re: Autocad Licence not running on some machines

08-26-2011 09:44 AM in reply to: esudip

More often than not, the 0.0.0 error occurs because there is a corrupted CascadeInfo.cas file.  If your client's system date/time match the server, then try deleting the CascadeInfo.cas file and relaunch AutoCAD.  Make sure that no firewall is blocking ports 2080 and 27000.  You can always test for connectivity by using http://servername:2080

You should get a result of jargon on the screen. 


For more detailed information about the CascadeInfo.cas file, please refer to the Autodesk Support Knowledge Base article found here:

For faster responses concerning Autodesk licensing issues, please post your questions in the Installation and Network Licensing user forum here:

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