AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Re: AutoCAD 2010 VBA Enabler on Windows 7

11-25-2009 05:41 AM in reply to: admin
Wrong on all counts!!! 2010 does NOT install vba automatically. It is a
separate download and it is available in 32 bit AND 64 bit flavors.

Don't impose unnecessary limitations on autocad by forcing 32 bit into a
64 bit machine and end up with an unsupported install and don't limit
your machine to something less than its capabilities by loading the 32
bit OS.

I know because I have installed 64 bit with the 64 bit enabler. Check
your facts before making these statements.

NathTay wrote:
> The AutoCAD installer should have installed the 64 bit version
> automatically. VBA is not compatible with 64bit.
> Possible options:
> Search the newsgroup where it has been discussed about attempting to
> force an install of 32 bit AutoCAD on a 64 bit OS.
> Load the 32 bit OS.
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Re: AutoCAD 2010 VBA Enabler on Windows 7

11-25-2009 02:03 PM in reply to: admin
No need for a lecture. I moved away from VBA a long time ago which is why I got my facts wrong. After posting and realising I had my facts wrong I reposted stating this.
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Re: AutoCAD 2010 VBA Enabler on Windows 7

08-04-2010 01:14 PM in reply to: *jg

There is only 2 reasons to run 32 bit cad on a 64 bit machine and those are 1) you have an old copy of cad and it wasn't available in 64 bit when you got it. 2) You have a plugin or shell program for cad that is only works with 32 bit acad.


There are several major reasons to run 64 bit cad. 1) 32 bit on a 64 bit machine is an unsupported configuration 2) there exists the large possibility that 32 bit cad could expect certain behavior in your system and or drivers that doesn't apply when running on a 64 bit machine. 3) No support or solutions to problems will be available. 4) The larger memory space allows you to manipulate much larger files. 5) OS may occupy parts of the first 32 bit memory space that autocad expects to be free and that could limit your available memory to less than might be available if you ran 32 bit on a 32 bit OS or result in instabilities.


The fact is that Autodesk didn't set up one program that would recognize the memory space and adjust its behavior. They set up 2 discrete programs that each work within  the specific hardware/os configurations that they were designed to use. but set up 1 installer that would choose which one to install.

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Re: AutoCAD 2010 VBA Enabler on Windows 7

10-01-2010 11:10 AM in reply to: namssurt

Some additional input that wasn’t quite made apparent:


It isn't entirely true that VBA is not compatible with 64-bit AutoCAD.  There are some project files that will compile and others that will not on 64-bit VBA, it just depends on the properties and methods of AutoCAD objects that you are invoking.  There is a list of properties and methods that, if used, will cause a compile error on 64-bit AutoCAD.  And fortunately, Autodesk has added replacement properties and methods named with the number "32" on the end (e.g. ObjectID property becomes ObjectID32) in order to compile the project in 64-bit AutoCAD.  I believe most, if not all, of these can be found by searching "64-bit" under the AutoCAD ActiveX and VBA Reference.  The bottom line is that you can make it work by doing a little find and replace.


My problem is that my office has just begun a transition to 64-bit machines, making a large library of VBA programs unusable for these new machines.  I can’t rewrite the programs yet, since they then would not work on the 32-bit machines.  And to make a duplicate VBA project file for 64-bit would be a major pain, since I constantly update and make changes to the programs....

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Re: AutoCAD 2010 VBA Enabler on Windows 7

10-23-2010 10:27 AM in reply to: DelphinusCAD

You can make VBA work on 64bit, that's right - however, aside from the extract work needed to make it work, on 64bit AutoCAD VBA runs in a separate 32bit exe, so it runs out of process making it 1000 times slower!! Nice :-S


Also, some points made earlier about 64bit against 32bit are generally right - you definitely have access to much more RAM, except the points about a 32bit app running differently on 64bit - take Mircosoft's own software, maybe Word or Excel - they are both 32bit applications and they run fine on 64bit Windows?

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