AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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attaching an XREF & assigning it to layer zero AUTOMATICALLY

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07-15-2011 09:09 AM

hi all

i want to be able to set my autocad up so that whenever i attach an xref, it gets brought in on layer Zero instead of being brought in on whatever the current layer is.

I often work in defpoints layer and when i attach an xref to get a quick schematic plot of something, i can't see the xref cos it was brought in on defpoints/current layer!


can this be mastered with a lisp which gets added to my startup suite?

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Re: attaching an XREF & assigning it to layer zero AUTOMATICALLY

07-15-2011 09:12 AM in reply to: barry2104

The real answer is to not draw in defpoints in the first place, its a layer used by AutoCAD for calculating dimensions etc.


create your own layer, & use that.



to make an xref on layer 0, the easy way is to set layer 0 as current & then start the xref command...


create a new button & use the following command...




this will mean you are now on layer 0 not your layer of choice for drafting so dont forget to move yourself back

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Re: attaching an XREF & assigning it to layer zero AUTOMATICALLY

07-15-2011 01:39 PM in reply to: barry2104

Yes, this could be done with a lisp routine.


You can define a new XATTACH command to replace the default XATTACH by undefining it in S::smileyfrustrated:TARTUP.


You might also be able to accomplish this with a reactor that triggers anytime you attach an xref.


I have to agree with the other poster. Drawing on the DEFPOINTS layer is poor practice. I also don't draw anything on layer 0 unless I am creating a block. Any object on layer 0 in a block takes on the color of the layer it is inserted to.

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