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AutoCAD 2010/2011/2012

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Annotative Lines with Thickness

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02-12-2013 02:15 PM

Good day to all..


We are currently in the transition to Annotative Annotation (Dims, Text, etc.).


One obstacle that i have not been able to overcome are graphical elements where I need their thickness to adjust to the viewport scale.  Graphic elements like (MatchLines, Property Lines, Limit of Work and Set Backs) these all have thickness to display prominently in our drawings.
Currently we are making duplicate copies of these lines and adjusting thier thickness but this defeats the purpose of having annotative lables etc.

I would like an annotative line with a thickness.

Ex. a 12" thick line thru a vport with 1/8" scale will print at 1/8" but the same line thru a vport at 1/16" will print at 1/16".

We would like the the line to maintain it's printed thickness (1/8") no matter the vport scale.


I have tried using the Line Width Display but that just makes a mess...obstructs the dwg when zoomed out, rounds the end of dashes etc.


Is there an ANNOTATIVE Solution?


Thank you.

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Re: Annotative Lines with Thickness

02-13-2013 01:55 AM in reply to: jmagarolas



>> Is there an ANNOTATIVE Solution?

No, as lineweights do the job (normally).


>> but that just makes a mess...obstructs the dwg when zoomed out

Not in a layout-viewport (within the layout), at least not after a regeneration.

You might learn to work not in modelspace, but within a viewport as the lineweights in modelspace don't know a plot-scale and so can't represent their lineweights in a way you like them.

I have a layout just for construction with 3 to 5 viewports, each for different views and/or visual styles and different layer-settings. That often makes sense when working with 3D.


>> rounds the end of dashes

That can be solved modifying the CTB (if you are not working with true-color), there you can define if endpoints are rounded or not.

2013-02-13 10-54-47.png


- alfred -

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