AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009

AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009

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Re: This layout is already part of a sheet set - not available for import.

04-15-2009 01:40 PM in reply to: DanSingleton
I don't think so... I was using the engine as an example. We build electrical distribution transformers...

Most designs currently are 2D. One assembly/part = one layout = one .dwg file. 10 assemblies = 10 drawings, 100 parts = 100 dwg files, etc. We don't use x-refs.

Assembly drawing files call up the sub-components and only show assembly/welding details. They consist of
- A single assembly (made of sub-components) in modelspace
- A layout tab with a title block, parts list, and necessary annotations

Any sub-component drawing files consist of
- A single part in modelspace
- A layout tab with a title block, material list, and necessary annotations

Our shop requires printed copies of all the layouts for the sub-components to make them. They require the assembly layouts to put them together. Typically for an ordered design, 80% of the parts are reused, over, and over, and over, again. The 20% that aren't reused are typically assembly drawings that are uniquely identified and modified to match options required for a specific design.

As supported, the current implementation of the SSM doesn't allow us to create multiple sheet sets that allow re-use of layouts in multiple dst files. I suppose we might try the "work around" of copying the dst and then simply replacing the necessary layouts in the new file. I just don't like to use unsupported workflows, or the possibility of corrupting my dwg files by doing so.

Each design can be ordered over and over again. Meaning, each time it's ordered, all the hardcopy drawings need to be printed out and assembled into a work package. Right now that's done manually. Navigate to the drawing then print it out. Obviously, it's very inefficient, so we decided to batch-plotting is something we'd like to (finally) implement.

Basically, we want a single file that someone can open up, then using the "publish to printer" option have a fully complete, up to date, set of manufacturing drawings printed out for them.
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Re: This layout is already part of a sheet set - not available for import.

04-16-2009 10:24 AM in reply to: DanSingleton
Hrmm... Apparently, using the Publish command will pretty much do what I'd like to do. Guess I should have RTFM a bit better. :smileywink:

Publish allows me to create a .dsd file that can be loaded and used to print off drawing sets over and over. It doesn't modify the .dwg file the way a .dst (sheet set) file does. I can have layouts saved into as many .dsd files as I want.

If anyone at Autodesk is reading this it would be nice when using the Publish dialog to be able to:
1. Set the number of copies individually by file, sometime I need 4 copies of partA, but only 2 of partB, 6 of partC, etc. Right now number of copies is a global. The workaround is to have the same amount of layout references as copies required.
2. Be able to include from existing .dwf files, instead of only .dwg

With regards to point 2... We're currently a hybrid 2D/3D shop so some parts are designed in Inventor and dwf files (of the vaulted Inventor dwg files) are used exclusively by our 2D teams to create work packages.
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