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Re: Scam or Not

10-07-2009 12:18 PM in reply to: jmcclenahan
How do you think that case will resolve activation?
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Re: Scam or Not

10-07-2009 01:04 PM in reply to: jmcclenahan
damifino! it will take somebody with deeper pockets than me to rassle that gator in court. but if it's legal to resell the license, then it would be reasonable to expect activation to proceed with a nominal charge to enable the vendor to recoup the costs involved in updating their database with a new registered owner and issuing a new activation code.. 'reasonable' and software vendors however, are not things i expect to go together amicably.
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Re: Scam or Not

10-07-2009 01:10 PM in reply to: jmcclenahan
Good question.

That specific case involves copies that were bought but never actually
installed and registered. The boxes hadn't even been opened, I think,
because the company that originally bought them went out of business before
they were installed. That was how Vernor got them in the first place - some
sort of company asset "garage sale".
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Re: Scam or Not

10-27-2009 04:05 AM in reply to: jmcclenahan

I believe the UK and possibly the EU have
already ruled on a similar case AGAINST AUTO DESK some time ago.

jgerth@work wrote:

Vernor vs Autodesk may change that.  Appeals court upheld the right to sell  software on the second-hand market.  For sure, Autodesk does not want you to do that, but may no longer be able to eliminate the used software market.  You probably won't save any money though -- you'll likely spend more on legal fees than buying new.


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Re: Scam or Not

10-27-2009 03:19 PM in reply to: jmcclenahan
Everyone needs to understand that the case did indeed uphold Verner's right to sell the boxes and cd's, however it did NOT and does not require that Autodesk license the application for installation form the media. You can buy a book, then sell that book on Ebay, correct. But to copy that book, (for software, required for installation) you are still required to obtain permission from the holder of the copyright.
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