AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009

AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009

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retaining values in block attributes

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04-21-2008 10:12 AM
I have a block with one attribute. I need to change the attribute's Tag name and sync that change across all the blocks in the drawing. When I do this using battman, the new Tag's default value overrides the existing tag's value that has been input differently countless times across the drawing.
I need to retain the attribute value from the old tag to the new tag in the same block.
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Re: retaining values in block attributes

04-22-2008 08:31 AM in reply to: RSnyder0
This is a classic issue with AutoCAD. Though they are part of the block definition, attributes are actually their own entity in the database. So when you redefine a block to have a different tag name, all new instances of that block have the newly named attribute while all previous instances have the old name.

What you need is a custom program the walks through the drawing collecting the values of the "old" attribute, performs an ATTSYNC, and then goes back and puts the values back into what basically amounts to are new insertions of the block. Every AutoCAD programmer has had to write their own version of this program.
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