AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009

AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009

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Re: PDF's with Wipeout create Black Spots

07-15-2008 01:30 PM in reply to: BobMcMillan
Just a thought, albeit not an efficient solution it has proven to be reliable. Wipeouts as well as raster images appear to work very well when creating .DWF files. I started creating my .PDFs from .DWFs to ensure that my clients never have problems. So far it has worked every time on every printer.
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Re: PDF's with Wipeout create Black Spots

07-15-2008 09:45 PM in reply to: BobMcMillan
i agree that works well . since you can batch plot in dwf and pdf using Publish , it will not take much more time . also the pdf file created this way is much smaller . it gets rid of the raster images i think .
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Re: PDF's with Wipeout create Black Spots

07-22-2008 09:08 AM in reply to: BobMcMillan
I've had that problem for years. Neither Adobe nor Autodesk programs can handle wipeouts correctly.

Acroplot is a third party pdf plotter that doesn't have this problem with wipeouts.
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Re: PDF's with Wipeout create Black Spots

07-23-2008 02:53 PM in reply to: BobMcMillan
My firm uses the BlueBeam third-party package to create PDFs, both from ACAD as well as other applications. Switching to BlueBeam eliminated the black raster solids that were created by Adobe's distiller package. The downside is that BlueBeam's PDF files are on the large size, even after tweaking the conversion settings.
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Re: PDF's with Wipeout create Black Spots

07-27-2008 09:07 PM in reply to: BobMcMillan
same here the added advantage of this method is that you are not restricted to shapes formed from straight lines as you are with wipeouts and users can clearly see on screen that you have a filled shape which is masking graphics
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Re: PDF's with Wipeout create Black Spots

09-17-2009 11:59 AM in reply to: BobMcMillan
Print the set to a single dwf file. Then open Design Review (DWF Viewer) and print to pdf. If necessary, open in Adobe and extract each file to a separate page.
Works every time, and the file sizes are manageable.

Added bonus: dwf files are way easier and quicker to view when looking up drawings in archives, and you can sometimes convince a client to take a dwf and avoid the whole pdf issue completely.

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Re: PDF's with Wipeout create Black Spots

11-24-2009 07:32 AM in reply to: BobMcMillan
Ok what works for us in AutoCAD 2010...

Create a layer G-Anno-Wipe with color 255,255,255 to place all wipeouts on. Being a white in color the wipeout will show up on darker background.

Having the frame turned off or on does not seem to cause the blackout issue.

In addition, the printer you use makes a difference. The Adobe PDF.pc3 setting has this issue with Wipeout but the DWG To PDF.pc3 does not. However, we have found that the DWG To PDF.pc3 setting has degraded graphics when it comes to viewing a PDF on machines with no graphic cards.

The issue with have with the option to check the “Print As Image” box in the “Advanced Print Setup” is that when we create PDFs of our drawings so the PDF retains their accrual size of drawing (34”x22”). We do this to make it easier for a full size plot to be produced and it makes more since to store these drawings their native size.

In order to get half size drawings we will print the PDF and set the “Scaling” percentage to 50% by going into “Properties” > “Advanced” and then down to the “Graphic” section to set the “Scaling”. (We leave the “Page Scaling:” on the “Prinit” dialog box to “None”, if you use “Fit to Printer Margins” or “Reduce to Printer Margins” you do not get a true half size scale.)

This way we can print to a printer with 11”x17” paper and have a true half scale printout of the PDF drawing.

When we tried to select the “Print As Image” box, we were unable to get a true half scale printout anymore. If the “Scaling” value was 50% the printout was half again smaller on the paper and if we set the “Scaling” value was 100% the printout was twice the size on the paper. Edited by: snowman427 on Nov 24, 2009 9:59 AM
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Re: PDF's with Wipeout create Black Spots

04-16-2013 02:15 PM in reply to: BobMcMillan



I WAS using DWG To PDF.pc3 to create my PDFs. This pc3 file uses the Autodesk ePlot Drivers which creates black boxes over all my wipeouts.


I switched over and used “Adobe PDF.pc3” to create my PDFs and they were created WITHOUT any black boxes.  This pc3 file uses the Windows System Drivers.  You must use the Windows System Driver to create the PDFs otherwise all the WIPEOUTS will appear as black boxes.

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Re: PDF's with Wipeout create Black Spots

04-17-2013 11:57 AM in reply to: fpilson
Never had that issue.
I wonder if there is a Plot setting for the DWG to PDF that you are missing?
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